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Long-term vision, transparency, social responsibility and inclusion. These are the themes at the center of the last one Future Talk organized by Salesforce and Corriere della Sera, entitled: Businesses, engines of territories and the market. A moment of debate between managers, entrepreneurs and professionals to understand how capitalism is changing. Which then means analyzing the new business strategies between necessary investments in technologies and people (not necessarily in that order) and challenges for sustainability.

The debate

During the discussion, which also highlighted the role of responsibility of companies in relation to territories and communities, Federico Della Casa, country manager of Salesforce Italy he insisted on the importance of giving back for a business. It is no coincidence that the software company applies the 1-1-1 model of inclusive capitalism conceived by its founder Marc Benioff in 1999. A system that consists in allocating 1% of working hours, 1% of the share capital and 1% of the products to the third sector. a model – explained Della Casa – which gives our employees the opportunity to donate 8 days to volunteering, to allocate part of the capital to charitable activities and to donate a share of the value of our products to non-profit organizations. The face of the company therefore emerges not only as an organism aimed at grinding profits but also as concrete help and support to the community.

Intangible assets

Also for this reason Paolo Gallo, executive coach, in his speech chose to talk aboutimportance of a company’s intangible assetsrather than balance sheets and turnover. These include the skills of people, the value of the brand, the data archive on customers, relations with suppliers. An attention to the human that was also evident in the speeches by Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb, and Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci. Both dealt with the theme of corporate social responsibility, restitution to the community and the founding values ​​of a company: from training people in the digital environment to supporting the fashion production chain, in great difficulty due to the pandemic. The company – underlined Saturnino, musician and entrepreneur at the end of the event – can be compared to an orchestra. Every important element is necessary to know how to listen. You have to understand what part the others are doing so that you can contribute to the team. And then, broadening the gaze, the whole society.

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