From Salvini to Renzi, the two Conte rings (in two years) with the two Matteo-

Giuseppe and the two Matthew. Or rather Giuseppe, Matteo and the Unnameable. Conte in his not endless but already daring life as Prime Minister has already climbed twice to the ring of Parliament to defend the title against the challengers. The first, on 20 August 2019, against Matteo Salvini, who had withdrawn his confidence at the height of the hot summer of Papeete; the second yesterday, January 18, 2021, against Matteo Renzi guilty of having left the government without the support of the ministers of his party. Two equally violent but very different matches. The first, the one with the leader of the League sitting by his side, strongly empathetic, fought repeatedly calling the opponent by name, whispering in his ear, suffering a hand placed on his shoulder and placing it in turn. The other, the one with the head of Italy alive, faced from a distance, without ever saying his name, as if to erase him from official photographs or to push him into exile, denying him water and fire. Identical for the conclusion, definitive rupture, that if with Salvini it was only an acknowledgment, with Renzi he closes every possible however difficult resumption of dialogue, with a lapidary sentence: Now we change the page. Which also sounds like an underground invitation-warning to the parliamentarians of Italia viva: welcome if you want to abandon it, because with the Unnameable it is over.

The two crises

And so, if a crisis ago Conte was referring to dear Matteo, telling him that his behaviors reveal a lack of institutional sensitivity and a serious lack of constitutional culture, today he claims that at the height of attacks, including very harsh and disordered media attacks, the Unnamed has decided to unmark himself from the common path. If dear Matteo had taken on a great responsibility by asking for full powers to govern the country by invoking the squares in his support, the Innominable, I confess with discomfort, opens an incomprehensible rift while many families are now suffering from the loss of loved ones. . And where dear Matteo was branded as an opportunist for having broken up after having obtained confidence in the Security decrees, the nameless opponent makes it impossible to cancel what happened and recover a climate of trust and a sense of trust.

Mutual accusations

Even on foreign affairs the two challengers are treated with equal rudeness. If the prime minister accused dear Matteo of not having agreed to report to the Senate on the Russian affair (alleged bribes dealt by Northern League emissaries, ed) and for having forced him to present himself in his place by refusing to share with me the information you have, there is no shortage of accusations even for the Unnameable. Because this crisis risks producing considerable damage not only because it has already raised the spread, but even more because it has attracted the attention of the international media and foreign chancelleries. He reproached dear Matthew for having approached religious symbols with political slogans, offending the feelings of believers and obscuring the principle of secularism, a fundamental trait of the modern state while today he tries to leave the Unnamable out of any future alliance and which already today can count on a solid basis for dialogue fueled by the Five Star Movement, the Democratic Party and Leu.

Identical determination to stay in the saddle

Each of the two matches ends with the same determination to stay in the saddle. The first won by Conte against Salvini and ended with the birth of the new government, the second with a more than uncertain outcome and marked by the search for willing people who are promised an open discussion on the Recovery plan, institutional and electoral reform, strengthening of the government team and also renounces the proxy for Intelligence because, Conte argues, there are too many new challenges awaiting me. But without Renzi because she failed with him, as even then with Salvini, the sympatheia, that feeling of real sharing without which politics is a soulless discipline. Provided that transformation does not accomplish yet another miracle.

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