Government crisis, in the vote of confidence in the Senate the majority hopes to exceed 155-

ROMA — Giuseppe Conte put it all in the House, made an appeal to all groups, explicitly asked individual parliamentarians, went so far as to articulate a help, which is not exactly a sign of strength, and mentioned among the sensitivities he would like attract those pro-European, socialist, liberal and popular, with clear reference to the liberals of Forza Italia and Cambiamo, to the socialists of Riccardo Nencini, to the UDC of Lorenza Cesa. To understand if the appeal – but above all the most convincing telephone calls face to face – have taken hold, we must wait until today, when the premier arrives at Palazzo Madama and after having collected the absolute majority in the Chamber, he will try to get by also Senate, where the numbers are more complicated. The most accredited figures gave the majority in one range that oscillates between 152 and 159 votes. Above 155, majority sources said, would be a victory.


Several senators yesterday were still undecided, under converging pressure for to prevent the Senate showdown from turning into a bloodbath for the government. There would be no immediate danger, because it is true that the threshold of 161 – absolute majority – is almost unattainable, but it is true that for now it is not necessary and that in the history of the Republic there have been 12 governments that have not reached it, starting with that of Alcide. De Gasperi of 1947. Un leader of the Democratic Party says he is moderately optimistic: The story of the numbers weakened. It is clear that it doesn’t move much to have 153 or 158 votes. Later, then, we will have to try to really strengthen the majority. The abacus of Palazzo Chigi yesterday was at 156. To consolidate the government it will be necessary to wait a few weeks for the expected reshuffle (the two posts as minister and undersecretary left by Italy alive).

Some should be added to the starting point senators for life: Liliana Segre, Elena Cattaneo and Mario Monti and almost certainly also Carlo Rubbia. It will not be of the game, however, Paola Binetti, who also seemed to have been convinced. In reality, in this first vote, the hand was not forced on the centrists, who could take over at a later date: Binetti, but also Antonio Saccone. I will stay out of the game instead Antonio De Poli, Paduan, who has already been promised a safe college in Veneto by the center-right.

The willing

Reinforcements could come from other directions. From Come on Italy, where there is a patrol of uncertain (among them Francesca Alderisi and Anna Carmela Minuto), with one of them who seems almost convinced: Andrea Causin, former PPI, then Pd, then Scelta Civica. The vote in favor of the government in the Chamber of the Fortress was significant Renata Polverini, of which telephone calls and contacts favorable to trust have been reported for days. They remain some senators from living Italy are also in doubt: if they are not convinced to vote the trust, a couple could stay at home, lowering the quorum. Tommaso Cerno was convinced in extremis, as did Mimmo Di Marzio. And it would have made the former M5S available Mario Giarrusso, which expects signals from the premier’s speech on Atlantia and anti-mafia. Two other two former M5S will vote in favor, Gregorio De Falco and Tiziana Drago. The s of the socialist is still in doubt Riccardo Nencini.

Then there is Sandra Lonardo, who in the evening says: Conte’s speech? I haven’t seen it yet. It was my nephew’s birthday and he made us turn off all cell phones. He was keen to be with his grandparents. They told me that in the Chamber they made chants about my husband Mastella. What stuff, we talk about him, but there are those who do worse: those who move, sail and run left and right. How much hypocrisy. Saverio De Bonis, former 5 Stars now at Maie, more than optimistic: There will be surprises, you will see. At the moment we are at 158. We hope that others are convinced, Conte’s speech was really high profile. Finally a true statesman in Italy. The votes not in favor of the government, among those against and abstentions of Italia viva, could exceed those in favor. A symbolic overtaking only, but not irrelevant for this. For this hopefully some strategic absence in the ranks of Forza Italia and Udc.

The senator for life

He said there will be the ninety-year-old senator for life Segre, who explained that she wanted to attend, even if not yet vaccinated, because she saw that almost everyone in Italy and abroad is banned, incredulous, often disgusted by this crisis. Pure civil passion, he calls it David Sassoli. There is no shortage of racist comments and anti-Semitic references on social media. Dozens of insults and offensive comments, to which many respond with solidarity tweets in defense of the senator.

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