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What are the news for the 110% super eco-bonus? After the experimental phase ended in December, how does the state cashback change in 2021? And how will the new maneuver affect economic aid to families? There are many questions that come to the editorial office about the news related to the 2021 Budget law, which landed in the Official Gazette on December 30 (law n.178 / 2020). To respond to requests and to resolve the doubts of readers, Corriere della Sera, in collaboration with Axpo, has produced a manual that will be distributed free of charge at newsstands with the newspaper on Monday 18 January.

7 sections

The guide
The guide

The booklet is divided into seven sections. The first chapter deals with the measures dedicated to work: with temporary interventions (from the blocking of layoffs to layoffs), put in place to buffer the effects of Covid on the economy; and those designed to relaunch the entire production system once we have put the most critical phase behind us, such as cutting contributions to 100% for three years for those who hire people under 35 and women in the South on a permanent basis.

The single universal check

The second chapter, on the other hand, is dedicated to the main novelty of the Budget Law: the single and universal allowance for children. A long-awaited innovation that will start on July 1st, due to the complex implementation rules that will be written over the next few weeks and also due to the amount of resources needed. The single allowance brings together eight of the old measures to support the family (from the old family allowance to the mother bonus), to which is added an extra allocation of 3 billion euros for 2021. It will be paid every month, directly in cash or under form of tax credit. The precise amount will be set precisely by those implementing rules that will be written shortly and will decrease as the ISEE increases, the indicator that measures income and assets of families. But with a surcharge starting from the third child and for each disabled child.

40 measures

The central part of the guide, on the other hand, is dedicated to the explanation of the 40 most important measures present in the Budget Law, aimed at the family, businesses, health and the many new bonuses (from the one for replacing bathroom fixtures to the digitalization kit to loan for use a smartphone including connectivity). There is no lack of social security. Quota 100 remains in force and the female option has been extended.

Construction and payments

To close the guide, a chapter dedicated to current accounts and two measures that have held the ground last year. The third last chapter is dedicated to the 110% super bonus. The financial maneuver has in fact extended the incentive reserved for those who renovate the house to 30 June 2022.

Cashback and banks

Finally, the last chapters of our guide are dedicated to banks and the new European regulation of current accounts (which also affects overdrafts and overdrafts of savers) and, therefore, to cashback, which has become fully operational in its final and stable version. from 1 January 2021 after the Christmas experiment. The parameters we had learned about last December have been changed: now the minimum transaction ceiling has risen from ten to 50, which can no longer be spread over a single month, but over an entire semester.

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