“I encourage him in private. Renzi? I don’t appreciate cynics »- Corriere.it

Valentina Fico, did you like the premier’s speech in the House?
“Yup. I liked the call to cohesion and responsibility, the humility in admitting that not everything was perfect and in asking for help from the whole Parliament to overcome the health and economic crisis ».

It seems that even after the end of their marriage, the relationship between Giuseppe Conte and his ex-wife, 46, a member of the VII section of the Avvocatura dello Stato and mother of little Niccolò, remained excellent. So, on the eve of the vote in the Senate, crucial for the fate of the government, you agree to answer a few questions via email.

Will the premier be able to gain the trust?
“I have no divinatory powers. But I hope so, especially since we cannot afford a crisis in the dark now. There probably won’t be an absolute majority, but it’s not for trust. We’ll see”.

Would you like to send him an encouraging phrase?
“I tell you so many in private!”

Certainly, from what she writes on Facebook, Matteo Renzi is not very nice.
«I liked Renzi at the beginning of his political career. But by my nature I do not appreciate too unscrupulous people and excessive expressions of cynicism and unreliability, not even in politics, where even to a certain degree they are physiological. In any case, my opinion does not count, but I fear that by now a good part of Italians do not like him ».

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