Talanico, land of hazelnuts and talents: “Cioffi will reach the national team”

twelve o’clock, January 19, 2021 – 10:39 am

Community of Caserta in celebration for the first in A of the attacker

of Piero Rossano, from the correspondent

Monday is traditionally closed for barbers. Clemente Cioffi still took his car to reach his shop, covering the distance between the Talanico hamlet and the center of San Felice a Cancello in the province of Caserta as every day. I take this opportunity to do the big cleaning he explained. But yesterday it was clear that it was not a Monday like any other. Arriving in via Crocella Santa, near the Town Hall and where his Nuovo Stile Uomo salon opens, he found a sort of welcoming committee waiting for him. Applause and choruses started: Best wishes and congratulations for Tony, Your son will be the new Insigne. In front of so much affection, Clemente was a little moved. All these friends – he motivated – have followed my son’s growth step by step and have always cheered for him. And his mind returned at noon on Sunday, when 12 minutes from the end of Napoli-Fiorentina, already on the score of 5-0, Rino Gattuso gave the satisfaction of his debut in Serie A to his third son, Antonio. Tony for family and friends. Young and promising tall winger, torn from the Azzurri Primavera for two weeks and added to the first team (the first call was on the eve of the away match in Cagliari).

Antonio Cioffi took over from Lorenzo Insigne himself and despite his age – 18 years old last December 19th – in the short time available he showed his talent and his tactical maturity. The boy who dreamed of being older in order to get his driving license and finally have his own car, but also the jersey of the first team of Napoli and the blue of the national team, had finally taken the stage.

a predestined someone repeated yesterday. And many had noticed it for some time. Antonio Cioffi started kicking a ball following in the footsteps of his father. But I stopped at the III category and at some tournaments between bachelors and married couples, Clemente recalled yesterday. The little one of the house no. Because his numbers, fueled by the long views of his first teachers, the coaches Elvio Liparulo and Enrico Paparo who followed the Sanfeliciana chicks, were noticed one day by the former blue left back Volpecina. Antonio was only 9 years old. Less than six months later Caffarelli and Grava, invited by the former to a youth tournament in Casolla (fraction of Caserta). they spotted him among the other kids and took him to Napoli. My son – the father said proudly yesterday – is the fruit of Napoli’s cantera. And Napoli is his life today.

His biggest fan is mom Maria. Then comes the support of his sister Anna, the eldest, and his brother Silvio. To all of them today their eyes smile, even at the memory of the sacrifices made to see it realized one day. The father was in the living room and here he was accompanied by his uncle, a brother-in-law and family friends at the training in Sant’Antimo first and at the Kennedy center of the Camaldoli a few years later. Today Antonio lives in the boarding school of Castel Volturno and has a contract between professionals as his goal. With Napoli, possibly. His power of attorney in the hands of Claudio Vigorelli, Nicol Zaniolo’s agent and many other champions. Antonio dreams of the fields of Serie A and with him dreams the whole small community of Talanico, until yesterday known only for the renowned riccia, a very popular hazelnut cultivar for which about twenty producers have decided by the end of the month to join forces to better attack the markets. Today Talanico is also the town of Tony Cioffi.

January 19, 2021 | 10:39


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