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Guest yesterday, landlord today. Davide Nicola, the new Torino coach, who officially announced on Monday evening just before 8pm divorce from Marco Giampaolo (The company thanks him and his staff for the professionalism and commitment shown in recent months …) and on Tuesday morning it will announce the appointment of the technician who already on Monday at 1 pm crossed the gate of the Philadelphia. He just had the contract that linked him to Genoa was terminated, but he couldn’t train. The team worked with the Primavera coach, Cottafava, but he wanted to see his new team from the stands as closely as possible. To understand its spirit and leg.

Nicola knows he has little time, on Friday Toro plays in Benevento and he will have three days to figure out which levers to touch. You don’t just need a breakthrough, you need points. Last August, the coach kept Genoa in Serie A after a complicated run-up, even more than this del Toro looks like. Shortly after Christmas 2019, Genoa had won two games out of 17, were last with 11 points. Even the grenades have only won 2 games, they have 2 points more but also 18 games behind them and a story that tells of 23 points lost from a situation of advantage. The team, which also had learned much of the horizontal dribble of Giampaolo (that a voice from Poland is running for the post as coach), seems more in psychological than technical crisis, even if reinforcements are expected from the market for midfield and attack: Kurtic and Lammers are the possible arrivals.

Davide Nicola dreamed of coaching two teams, Genoa and Toro. With the first, salvation was not enough, with the second he tries by signing an agreement until the end of the season but with a clause that will give his automatic confirmation to salvation obtained. He believes in it and wants to stay in Turin, a stone’s throw from his Vigone (just over half an hour’s drive from Fila, where his family lives and he trains the boys of the town when he can).

After months of building horizontal play, the Taurus changes. And he does it to return to those who enhance the 3-5-2 but above all love to play fast and vertically. Nicola’s football is made up of speed, in passing and racing. But also in the chases.

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