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Sar la sustainability to guide the A2a group’s ten-year strategic plan which aims to achieve 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. The company will focus specifically on two industrial macro-trends, circular economy and energy transition to which all the Group’s Business Areas, Energy, Environment and Networks, contribute.

Sustainable goals

A new plan that marks a turning point for A2a. By combining courage and concreteness, we pursue challenging sustainability objectives and economic growth targets that are very important for the group, which faces the European market— commented Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of the company -. For the first time, A2A has a long-term strategy, with 16 billion euros of investments dedicated to the development of the circular economy and the energy transition. These are the solid foundations that will allow us to achieve strategic, innovative and essential infrastructures for the growth and relaunch of the country, to be ambitious and look to Europe. Our new model is a shared vision of the world that is sustainable and respectful of the future, to which we want to make our daily contribution.


The Plan called Life is our Duty, refers to the repositioning of A2A from multi-utility to a “Life Company”, dealing with energy, water and the environment, thanks to the circular use of natural resources. Life is our Duty. They have been predicted 6 billion investmenti for the growth in the recovery of material and energy from waste, and for the reduction of waste (eg water losses, waste heat).
Decarbonisation and emission reduction are among A2a’s challenging objectives together with technological and market evolution, which require accelerating the energy transition from fossil to renewable sources. A2A will contribute to the energy transition of the country with investments of 10 billion euros directed to support the decarbonisation and electrification of consumption. The group has embarked on a path of expansion on a national scale that aims to transform the company from a territorial operator with 2.9 million customers (electricity and gas), to a national player with 6 million customers by 2030.

The energy transition

The business plan envisages strong growth in terms of gross operating margin, going from around 1.18 billion euros in 2020 to over 2.5 billion euros of 2030 and investments for 16 billion euros in the period 2021-2030. Of these, most focused on the energy transition (61%, equal to about 10 billion euros), and about 6 billion euros, destined for the development of the circular economy.

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