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Matteo Renzi continues to be convinced that tomorrow in the Senate Giuseppe Conte will not reach 161. And finally – he tells his followers – they have understood it too. In the House they will have an absolute majority, but the Senate will not go great either, in my opinion they stop around 152 votes. Politically a blow.

But the leader of Italia viva also knows that the game does not end here. In the coming weeks – he explains to the loyalists – they will try to smash us, to get us senators, because it is clear that with these collected numbers and without a true political majority they are not going anywhere, so they will try to attack Italy alive. I don’t think they will asphalt us but you will see that they will try them all, because apparently Giuseppe Conte, instead of opening a confrontation, wants to go on like this.

And the former premier is almost certain that the next step in trying to convince the senators of Italia viva and the former grillini to return to the fold is to air the possibility of elections in the event that a new political majority cannot be created. The war of nerves – Renzi prophesies to his parliamentarians – will continue. And we have to equip ourselves. They will say that if a true majority is not reached, the danger is to go to early voting. But we all know that this is not the case, also because next year the President of the Republic will be elected and having the elections first means risking to give that election to the center-right that chooses its head of state.

The leader of IV last night gathered the deputies and senators of the party to decide the line to be adopted in the Chamber. It will be abstention, because this is the road that unites everyone and avoids too many escapes. But later, they warn from Iv, if the Democratic Party and Conte try to play hard, our opposition will be determined. Renzi regretted the attitude of his former party: They talked and spoke badly of Conte all the time Рhe vents with the loyalists Рyet when the premier was to be pressed they did not have the courage….

Meanwhile, another farewell was recorded yesterday in Iv’s house. After that of Vito De Filippo, yesterday it was Michela Rostan’s turn. But these are two deputies, therefore irrelevant for the purposes of the big count that will take place tomorrow in the hall of Palazzo Madama. So far the group of Iv in the Senate seems to hold up. And even after – the former prime minister confides to his team – I think they can take two or three at most.

The headlights of the Democratic Party and Palazzo Chigi they are aimed at some senators in particular. But in living Italy they know it well: the secretary of the Italian Socialist Party Riccardo Nencini, the president of the Hygiene and Health Commission Anna Maria Parente, Eugenio Comincini, Leonardo Grimani, Vincenzo Carbone, Gelsomina Vono and Donatella Conzatti.

Inside Italy alive they are sure that the pressing of the Democratic Party and Palazzo Chigi will start on these senators, but they are equally convinced that Conte i dem delude themselves if they think they can empty the group of Palazzo Madama.

But whatever happens, in the party they are gearing up for the weeks to come, when, as Renzi repeats, the war against us will become more pressing and they will spare us nothing. Just see the hate campaign that started on social media. Impressive. Then they will continue it with the media at their disposal, you have to take it for granted and prepare.

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