does not pay the ko with the Spezia and the case of the 6 changes. For the full bench Sarri, Allegri, De Rossi, Mazzarri-

Speaking to the portal Fabio Capello sank the blow: There are no excuses. This team is a repeat offender, which means that there is something wrong: there is no communication, there is no ability to read, understand and study the regulations … Yet there is not much to understand! The change in more has been done with enough and enough never pays. We must be attentive at all times, there is no justification that holds. These mistakes cannot be made by a great Serie A team and it is not right to identify a single responsible: the whole bench is because no one intervened. Who will pay the consequences? Society will have to decide: a very serious mistake that goes beyond tactics and technique and means something deeper.

For now, the small fish pay: Manolo Zubiria and Gianluca Gombar, relieved of their positions as global sport officer and team manager. They were two inheritances of the Pallotta management. The new team manager will be Valerio Cardini, who played the same role in Alberto De Rossi’s Primavera.

The Friedkins did not like (euphemism) the international fool. Paulo Fonseca remains in his place, but with a clockwork confidence, made up more of why not than why s. Because Gasperini’s Atalanta scored only 2 points out of 6 against Genoa and Udinese and remain behind Roma, clinging to fourth place, that is, inside the Champions League. Because the deep red in the budget does not allow for extra expenses. Because there is no firm name to go to, as Spalletti’s had been in the past. the full bench left the same: Sarri, Allegri, Spalletti-ter, Daniele De Rossi with a coach with a license, Mazzarri as a ferryman. The last name, linked to the new general manager Tiago Pinto, that of Jardim, another Portuguese, who had done very well at Monaco (title taken from PSG and Champions League semi-final against Juve) but who has been out of work since December 2019. The new CEO Tiago Pinto was protective of Fonseca also because starting a job by putting his signature under an exemption is not the best for anyone.

The truth is that the Friedkins hope to make it to the end of the season with Fonseca and then decide what to do, with more choice and without taking on new and expensive contracts. The calendar isn’t that bad. The next two games – at the Olimpico – are against Spezia and Verona. With the teams that follow them in the standings, Roma have almost always won. The defeat against the Ligurians in the Italian Cup, however, has reversed the direction of travel. There is no room for other mistakes, Fonseca will save his place only with the qualification in the Champions League, which trigger the extension of the contract which expires in June.

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