Government crisis, the conversation with Conte behind the delays in the Senate-

An indiscretion behind the delays that triggered the recourse to the “Var” in the Senate, delays that delayed the outcome of the vote and kept the executive and the world of politics in suspense. According to various sources, to cause the arrival of the photo finish to the vote in the Chamber there would be an interview with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte together with some ministers with Riccardo Nencini. There are also those who swear, a circumstance which finds less confirmation, that among the participants in the dialogue there was also the other “latecomer” Lello Ciampolillo. At the vote, the two senators “rescued” from the video shots then gave their confidence to the executive, bringing the government abacus to 156 s-

January 20, 2021 (change January 20, 2021 | 13:51)


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