Logo Inter, Mauro Icardi “copies” it, even his is “IM”. For the fans it is another spite against his former team – Corriere.it

Mauro Icardi “Copies” the new Inter logo. A few hours after the first rumors about the communication campaign of the Nerazzurri “I am Milano”, conceived around the letters “IM”, the former captain presented on Instagram their new logo, with graphics very similar to that of Inter. A symbol formed by its intertwined initials, just «M and I», wrapped with serpentine features.

Maybe it’s a simple coincidence, but not for many fans of Inter, unleashed on social media against the Argentine. A sort of spite against the former team, according to some Nerazzurri fans who were also annoyed by the timing of the news.

Inter new logo: from the fasces of the fasces to the Biscione, how many times has the original historian (from a museum) by Giorgio Muggiani changed
A museum piece

The launch of the new logo of theInter is scheduled for March 9, the club’s 113th birthday. Which has decided to replace the initials FCIM with only I and M to symbolize Inter Milan: a way to link even more the name of the team to that of the city. But the “rebranding” program conceived by Suning had not dealt with the great ex, sent to PSG and never regretted by fans and clubs. Will Icardi take a step back? Very difficult, once again.

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