Milos Vulic, the intellectual-footballer of Crotone. He writes poetry and reads essays on philosophy and politics –

Milos Vulic is a sporting talent from the Balkans who could be compared to many others. Humble origins in a country that has just emerged from the war, the first kicks at the ball in the schoolyard, the skills that blossomed challenge after challenge, up to the goal that Serie A 4-1 against Benevento.

The beginnings

In reality, the 24-year-old Serbian is also a man of letters, avid for reading philosophy essays and the author of numerous poems, written above all to his loved ones and never published or made known. Passionate about 20th century Serbian writers, his favorites are Duric e Santic, those who most expressed themselves in their works in defense of the rights of the Roma and on the theme of emigration, recalling those who deeply love their homeland, even if they have to abandon it. When not playing football the midfielder of the Crotone he therefore dedicates himself to reading and writing, a combination that is not common among many of his colleagues.

Poet football player

Even the most skeptical rossoblù fans discovered his talent, after the goal scored in the 65th minute which effectively closed the match against Benevento Filippo Inzaghthe. In sixteen Serie A appearances this is the first goal of the Serbian who arrived in Italy thanks to the advice of his teammate Golemic and to the teachings of Dejan Stankovic, a former Nerazzurri midfielder who as a coach of the Red Star actually taught him to play at the highest level. 14 January 2019 Vulic so he landed at the age of 22 in one of the most important Serbian clubs, realizing his dreams as a child, where he was able to gain experience also playing games in Champions League and, after a rather dull season, also making himself noticed with a net atOlympiacos. From the matches in the preliminaries of the Cup last September, the midfielder went in this way to fight for salvation with Crotone in the Italian top flight, confirming his fighting spirit on and off the field. Despite everything, the player hasn’t given up writing, one of his favorite pastimes.

Footballer and poet

“I read philosophical and political essays, but I mostly write poetry,” confessed the midfielder. “I wrote a lot of them when I got home during the lockdown, especially to the people I love, but for the moment I kept them in a drawer, without disclosing them to anyone. Who knows if one day I will publish them. Obviously some are also dedicated to Katarina“. The player’s partner is now pregnant and that is why at his first marking in Italy, Vulic he dedicated the goal to her and exulted with the gesture of cradling a child in his arms. In the future, writing some stories for him could be useful, but for now the verses to be composed are all on the pitch, to conquer salvation in the plots and mechanisms of Stroppa’s game.

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