no to government with Renzi, but there are no numbers –

During the first summit with the heads of delegation and the leaders of the parties of the new majority without Italia Viva, Giuseppe Conte convinced himself of having to go up to the Quirinale today.

The meeting should take place around every 18.30.

The Prime Minister, yesterday won a painful majority relative to the Senate with 156 votes, he will explain to the president Sergio Mattarella the new situation of the alliance supporting its executive.

A weak government: in fact, during the summit on video conference, the premier confirmed the urgency to move forward with enlargement e the numerical strengthening of the majority.

“With Renzi there is no going back – this is the stake set vigorously by the lawyer – but the numbers are not enough”.

At this time, the government would face very difficult months in the work in the commission: as indicated here, it would not have a majority if not in the Foreign Commission, and would be in the minority among other things in the Constitutional Affairs commission, where the new law should be discussed election that Conte promised during the last speech in the Chamber, and in the Budget Committee, where the recovery plan should be discussed. In the Senate, during the vote on Tuesday, the government obtained 156 votes: exactly equal to those of the opponents (140) and of the abstainers of Italia Viva (16), if added together.

As indicated by Italia viva – the party founded by Matteo Renzi – in this way the “accident” is just around the corner: “If they intend to find a serious agreement with us, well, otherwise the government is running out of time”, he said the deputy of Iv Luciano Nobili, who announced the “no” of the party to the report by the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede, on the situation to be held next Wednesday in Parliament. Renzi, in his eNews, wrote that he was “obviously” always engaged with his party “for the interest of the country” and always ready “to lend a hand by making the weight of our presence felt in the Chamber”.

Now we have to write the new legislative pact and to give substance to the political project with which Conte hopes to win the support of new forces.

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