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At the end of a very long day, a cry rises from the center-right: We will turn to Mattarella: there is a government that does not have a majority in the Senate and stands with those who change shirts, announces Matteo Salvini. Conte doesn’t have a majority, he can’t go on like this. Berlusconi resigned. I don’t think Mattarella will turn a blind eye, adds Giorgia Meloni, who had already called into question the role of the head of state in the discussion in the Chamber. They don’t have numbers, Forza Italia asks for a meeting with the head of state, comments Antonio Tajani. The vote of confidence ends with great disappointment for the center right, howeveris surprisingly arrived from Forza Italia, but with the certainty that it does not end there. That they will fight in the next few days.

All the leaders of the coalition had cherished the dream of throw down the government: I see a lot of nervousness, here there are people who were convinced to take the armchair home, now you are less convinced to take the armchair home, eh …, he roared Matteo Salvini in the Chamber during his speech, causing the majority to shudder, while the numbers were becoming more and more dancers and the tam tam about a possible no coming from Italy seemed to be a concrete hypothesis.

On the other hand, for days, and yesterday without interruption, the leaders of the center-right – with the Northern League leader in the lead – they were confronted with Matteo Renzi to try to get him to vote against the executive. The calculations had also been made: Iv would certainly have lost 4 senators, who would have voted yes, but the coup could have been made to beat the government or at least to tail it on very low numbers, forcing Conte to resign.

It was used to not lose even a vote. And Renzi himself, who decided to join his family vote only at the second call, witnessed the second blow taken in two days by the entire center-right Forza Italia, which has lost two important pieces for the purposes of counting, at least one sensational: the former Montiano senator Andrea Causin, given in doubt until the last, eMaria Rosaria Rossi, Berlusconi’s former secretary and collaborator at the time of the magic circle, voted s. a revenge of Pascale against the Knight …, a colleague says between her teeth about Rossi, a great friend of Berlusconi’s ex-partner, a shameful, reprehensible and unworthy conduct, shouts Maurizio Gasparri, while Antonio Tajani e Anna Maria Bernini decree the expulsion of the two from the party of two, as he defines them Giorgio Mul bribe turncoat.

The strong disappointment, but the center-right promises battle: If we turn to Mattarella? Surely yes, if there is a government that does not have a majority and spends time convincing, I do not want to think with what proposals, someone to change their jacket, a government that from today, if there is, even weaker, I do not think guarantor of the Constitution will be able to observe this destruction for a long time, Salvini warns, the transfer market stuff for ladies in comparison: they do it with two of Forza Italia and senators for life.

Same line the Meloni: Compared to the premises and hopes of Conte and Casalino things did not go as they hoped: yesI entertain talking about dozens of managers but net of individual cases, on the other side there are more, the center-right has maintained its compactness and it was not taken for granted. I talked to Salvini, I’ll talk to Berlusconi. Now we have to ask for a interview with the Colle.

While the votes were changing because those of Nencini e Ciampolillo, the same tones as the allies were used from FI: The government unable to govern, is based on the vote of two traitors and three senators for life. He doesn’t have a majority on the committees, so he’s not going anywhere. Conte must go to the Quirinale, our votes are essential to vote for the deviation., Tajani said. But the fear now that a group of leaders with a symbol – Nencini’s socialist one – is formed and the government has the ability to attract centrists, even ifUdc, Cambiamo e from Lupi’s party no openings arrive. And also on MPs suffering from BE. The only center-right party to have exposed its side to Conte’s offensive.

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