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On the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, controversy broke out in the EU Parliament over the events on Capitol Hill. The Movement, which criticizes the Brothers of Italy and the League, throws the stone. Meloni MEPs voted against an amendment to the McAllister report condemning the attack perpetrated on the United States Congress last January 6, while those of Salvini abstained. Incredible but true, with this vote in the European Parliament, the Brothers of Italy and the League miss the opportunity to express, on the day of Biden’s proclamation, their dutiful solidarity with the American people and at the same time deny the defense of some intrinsic values ​​in the US-EU alliance: those of democracy, respect for its institutions and the rule of law at a global level, says the vice president of the EU parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo.

523 s to the text

He explains: The amendment also relied on the fact that the United States can guarantee a peaceful handover of power to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. Fortunately, in Europe this amendment passed thanks to an overwhelming majority: the European Parliament approved it with 523 votes, 90 against and 65 abstentions. On the values ​​of freedom, democracy and multilateralism there can be no distinction or exceptions: the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia with their vote threw off the mask. These incomprehensible positions should make all those moderate, pro-European and Atlanticist forces reflect on how much there is no room for their sensitivities under the ultra-sovereign protective wing: either you end up Orbanians or, even worse, friends of Jake Angeli.

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