a doubt remains for the bianconeri, for Naples the inconsistencies- Corriere.it

IS it was an important and not a beautiful match. I remember only one shot on goal by Lozano, plus Ronaldo’s goal and Insigne’s missed penalty. Morata was already an out of text. Little, however, to talk about great emotions. The game was careful, almost always unspoken, everyone blocked everyone. There have been emerging players. For a long time it seemed that Kulusevski could be a difference seeing Koulibaly’s difficulty in evaluating him. Other times it was Lozano who brought different balances. But essentially nothing ever happened.

Ronaldo often gave small signs of impatience, as if trying to get out of a cage of normality that is oppressing him. He was alive and away, until the messy goal that decided the game. Juve did more than Napoli, in the sense of the game, that is, possession of the field and search for order. But it was Napoli who created the only opportunity and missed the other, Insigne’s rigor. It is these inconsistencies that have been chasing Napoli since the beginning of the season. It’s a complete team, but it never comes together. This time Zielinski was missing, perhaps the player who would complete Juve. The quality of the medium, too scholastic between Demme and Bakayoko, a little on the European periphery, was lacking. Insigne missed the penalty and this is worth the whole result.

Napoli confirms to be a good reality but not what it takes to really live. It still has to chase each other, there is something that always remains a bit wholesale. Juve also gave incomplete answers. There was a reaction, he won a title, he added glory to the many, but he didn’t solve his seasonal problem, whether he is a great team or not. Ronaldo is his player and it’s his difference, but to get to him the game is a bit strange, empty, still incomplete. The game says that there is no emotional limit, the team goes its own way without disturbances. But it has tactical and game boundaries that overlap. Church disappears too often, the quality of the others never seems excessive, there is an air of reading from a good bourgeois salon, there is nothing that dominates. However, he won in a difficult moment and against a difficult team. However, seeing the rest of the championship in the same match, it is clear why Milan and Inter have been so far ahead for a long time. They are more accomplished and have more play possibilities. In this winter of football, winning almost by chance is the real beauty.

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