A story of passion and ties When you buy back the company

twelve o’clock, January 21, 2021 – 15:14

In Monopoli the Scisci family has owned a farm specialized in the production of oil since 1918. It had been sold, but after the turnaround

In life there is always time to remedy decisions. Retrace your steps and maybe buy back what you had previously sold. Because certain bonds cannot be canceled. It happens in Monopoli where the Scisci family from 1918 (with a short time interval) owned a farm specialized in the production of oil. The company had been sold, but soon an “error” was corrected. First of all it is a passion – says Francesco Scisci, owner of the company -, I wanted the value and immense work of our family to be recognized and the only way to do this was to become directly promoters of our products. Hence the idea of ​​starting the project to set up a company call center from which the commercial take-off began. The 2019 budget, closed at over 2 million, aims to replicate in 2020, and then grow by 20% consistently in 2021 and in the years to come, strengthening the workforce, currently 16 employees. Performance achieved with the entry of new product categories such as organic products, taralli and artisan jams.

The awards

Award-winning, most recently in 2019 for its Grandi Oli production, in fact, the company has also obtained certifications and awards, from L’Orciolo d’Oro, Oli d’Italia Gambero Rosso, Merum and Montiferru, just to name a few. The repurchase of the olive grove, thanks to a loan granted by Banco Bpm, has reopened and accelerated the definition of a new Pre-competitive Development program, with the ambitious goal of continuing in the process of enhancing local olive production thanks to the use of systems with a high degree of automation. We are very proud to have focused on the relationship with the customer and assistance in sales – continues Scisci – which allows us to always enhance the quality of production and the territory in the contact phase.

January 21, 2021 | 15:14


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