Lorenzo Cesa, UDC secretary, under investigation in an anti ‘Ndrangheta operation. “I am a stranger, I leave” – ​​Corriere.it

Lorenzo Cesa, national secretary of the UDC, under investigation for external competition in the mafia association in the context of the Low-profile anti-mafia operation launched by the Dda of Catanzaro coordinated by Nicola Gratteri against prominent members of the clans of the provinces of Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia and Crotone. The Roman home of the parliamentarian was searched this morning by the police at the disposal of the prosecutor of the Calabrian capital.

Totally stranger

The politician confirmed to the agencies that he had received a guarantee notice on facts dating back to 2017 and explained: I consider myself totally extraneous, ask through my lawyers to be heard as soon as possible by the competent Prosecutor. As always – he assures – I have full and total confidence in the work of the judiciary. And given the particular phase in which our country is living, I resign my resignation as national secretary, with immediate effect. In these days of government crisis, Cesa has always participated in the daily leaders of the center-right. Candidate in the political elections of 2018 and in the European elections of 2019, he was in both cases not elected. At the moment, therefore, he does not enjoy parliamentary immunity.

The operation of the DDA

In the operation, taken at dawn, over 200 men and women from Dia were employed, directed by Maurizio Vallone, and as many of the different components of the police. There are dozens and dozens of arrest orders – says the president of the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, Nicola Morra – and almost 100 million euros the value of the assets seized.

Rotondi: Good person, clarify

The first political reaction to the news of Cesa’s registration in the register of suspects comes from Gianfranco Rotondi, deputy of Forza Italia and president of the DC foundation: Lorenzo Cesa a gentleman, I have known him for decades and I put my hand in the fire on his honesty. I suppose that his registration in the register of suspects is a duty as secretary who presented the udc lists in Calabria, within which the arrested were. Fortunately, Gratteri, a highly authoritative magistrate and esteemed for his autonomy, I am therefore sure that the affair will be clarified in a very short time.

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