Mattarella, doubts about governance and times to expand the alliance-

Not everything went well. And, what is worse, precious time was wasted, to be recovered quickly. Giuseppe Conte knows this and Sergio Mattarella knows it, who received him last night at the Quirinale for an interview defined as courtesy, as it might not have taken place. As if nothing had happened. Of course, from an institutional point of view it will also be like this. But it would have been embarrassing if, after the adventurous – and narrow – confidence gained in Parliament, the premier had not gone to the head of state to explain how he plans to get out of the swamp in which he finds himself. This is why the meeting, very delicate in this phase that touches the system crisis, was loaded with many expectations. Maybe too many. At least as regards what the President of the Republic can do or not. Better: this president, who wants to preserve his role as arbiter, without becoming a partisan of one or the other political party to guarantee them all. In the silence of the Hill, where in these hours they behave like prisoners of war and respond to enemies only with name, rank and registration number, some fundamental questions for Mattarella are unclear. He could have not even raised them, in the face-to-face interlocutory of almost an hour, because Conte already knows them, in their worrying office for the head of state.

The first question has various subordinates, which can be declined in an interrogative form. Given the numerical precariousness of the government, in what way (ie with which groups or subgroups of willing) and at what time do you plan to expand the perimeter of the alliance? Do you think you can propose a legislative pact capable of supporting the qualitative and quantitative evolution of the majority? Who will take care of it? The premier or maybe a partner like the Democratic Party? excluding a recomposition with Matteo Renzi? Finally, on which ministries are you contemplating an alternation that will please everyone? The second question concerns the program and also calls into question the unknowns on the relationship with a Europe in alarm, which the President often cites and which he rightly cares about. How do you think you can regain the weeks lost on the Recovery Plan, and on the governance that should guide its application? And on mass vaccinations, refreshments and other measures financed by the EU and linked to the health, economic and social pandemic, don’t you want to give yourself a time schedule that can reassure people?

In short, given the quirinal delivery of silence, It’s easier to line up questions than suggestions from Mattarella. Which is certainly beset by the problem of the country’s governability. The Count 2 bis, in fact, will be tested every day. And the search for numbers in the Chamber risks being a torturing via crucis. An example: if it can be taken for granted that the Renzians and the opposition will approve the new budget variance (without which many measures could not be financed), the same cannot be said on an issue such as justice. On which Minister Bonafede announced for January 27 the presentation in Parliament of a transversely divisive reform project. What will the executive do in this case? Will I seek impervious trust even then? Il Colle awaits answers. With impatience, because his moral suasion is also running out.

January 20, 2021 (change January 20, 2021 | 22:28)


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