One hundred years of the PCI, the Pd delegation challenged in Livorno

On the centenary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Italy, which was born in Livorno on January 21, 1921, in the former San Marco theater, there are many initiatives in the city to commemorate the event. Together with the various souls of today’s “heirs” of the PCI, the Democratic Party, this year, with a delegation led by the parliamentarian Andrea Romano, participated in the celebrations with a visit to San Marco, the place where the maximalist exiles from the XVII Congress of the Socialist Party, which in those days was being held in another theater in the city, the Goldoni Theater.

And the presence of a delegation of the Democratic Party has sparked the anger of the PCI “heirs”. The PC led by Lenny Bottai, local party secretary, challenged the delegation with a banner that read: «Nazism and communism equal, Pd here today? Wrong companions ». The protesters launched some mocking slogans towards the delegation and shouted “Away from here that the PC was born.” Bottai declared that «today everyone is a communist, we are waiting for the gentlemen of the Democratic Party who voted for the equation between Nazism and communism. Today they remember that they are Communists ».

January 21, 2021 | 15:43


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