The arbitrary use of vaccines –

twelve o’clock, January 21, 2021 – 12:23 pm

The case of immunized entrepreneurs and instructions for the use of distribution

of Lello Parise

They sing it and play it. And already this irritating way of doing things. But, above all, they change the score when the concert has already begun. The Puglia Region forbids arbitrary assessments of access to anti-Covid-19 vaccination from ASL In this phase, those entitled to it are exclusively health and social health workers, guests and employees of the RSA. Clear as the sun. Then for in these parts as we imagine also elsewhere in Italy, the country of aids, it turns out that some entrepreneurs who have nothing to do with white coats would have quickly benefited from the miraculous ointment. The clever ones mixed with the heroes of medicine, those deployed along the front of the fight against the pandemic. So much so that the state rightly favors those who fight in hospital wards: they must first be immunized. This should happen, however it doesn’t always happen anyway. Otherwise it would not be explained why the judiciary has opened investigative files and the Nas carabinieri are sifting through the territory to unmask those who behave fraudulently by violating or circumventing those same rules heralded by the lords of health. Gentlemen who are not custodians of who knows what truth, but custodians of the precious liquid intended to be offered to anyone in a reasonably short time.

Why not sell them at the pharmacy?

Nobody wants to point out to the mockery of the community all those who have casually violated the rule in order to be injected with the providential medicine. The problem is not the vaccinated, accomplices or innocent as they are, but all those who rig the cards to make them skip the line. It would be better, as things are, that the vaccine was sold in pharmacies: who can buy it when he wants. Freely, without being forced into any kind of subterfuge to grab it. Without prejudice of course to the public duty to provide it free of charge to people who are not in a position to buy it and who unfortunately cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand. After all, does not the same thing happen more or less when we need to undergo a surgical operation or when we find the need to contact a well-known specialist? We would avoid giving credit to an ancient Chinese proverb, which says: Whoever arrives with a gift surely asks for a favor.

January 21, 2021 | 12:23


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