Trapattoni of basketball is very popular in Germany. “I hunted a player for his sake” –

Return to Milano. This time with the Bavaria Monaco and again from opponent dell’Olympiad, after being her assistant from 1998 to 2004, preferring her to her studies at Harvard. So it is inevitable to ask Andrea Trinchieri whether this is a story of love or hate. Only of love. When I find my hometown and my former club just to win on a basketball court. I’ll try again this time, we lost in the first leg. But immediately afterwards everything will be over: if you played in front of the public, I would know half the people who go to the sports hall. And this I cannot deny. Meanwhile, he will go to the Forum with a team that has surprised so far: sixth place and desire for the playoffs. If you look at the high ranking, there is an intruder: it’s us Bayern.

Trinchieri, are you dreaming or awake?
I am very awake. If you look back with satisfaction in the Euroleague, a truck will arrive at you. For I hold onto my team, knowing there will be good times and bad times.

So far you have convinced: what is the secret?
In pre-season we looked like runaways and even lost at the oratory. This created a sense of urgency: I overturned everything, the players believed in it.

Will the Euroleague ever be our NBA?
Impossible: Europe does not also express a state, like the USA. There are also different rules: state, fiscal, eligibility and now also the fight against the pandemic.

You recently caused a sensation. In the game he expelled the young Matej Rudan, commenting: Next time I’ll send him on the highway, on the way home. Trinchieri like Trapattoni and Rudan like the Strunz of the famous outburst?
No, the only Trap: then I don’t know how to whistle and I’m from piazza Sant’Ambrogio, while he from Cusano Milanino.

But poor Rudan …
Sometimes a coach chases a player: for example Obradovic did it with Bjelica. an extreme way, after other attempts have been made, to explain that it takes little to throw yourself away.

They gave her a good educator, they also said on social media that she was a trick to advertise.
No, no calculation: I only thought about the boy’s good, hating myself for that unfortunately necessary gesture. Even if it served little….

Why, how did it end?
I got answers for two days, on the third we went back. Worse for him: Matej is likely to find that ruthless sport.

Andrea Trinchieri, an eternal for years around Europe: Greece, Russia, Germany in Bamberg, Serbia, now Germany again but in Munich. At what point is the journey?
I have not the faintest idea. I live in the moment: I returned to Germany as if I had never been there, I wanted to enjoy the new experience without preconceptions.

So did you stop designing?
Yes, it is not easy to understand what will happen. Bayern’s is a crazy challenge: results are not important – winning an ambition, never a goal – but it is essential that I am in the best version of myself.

Was your experience with the Greek national team too short?
Yes, but I’m not disappointed. If I went back I would be the coach, without mediating, and not the coach.

His Melli, valued in Bamberg, in the NBA.
He launched himself: I only supported him.

There are those who did not believe in him …
Nicol of the highest level. Improve the team, morally and physically tough, an extraordinary person. Now he has less space in New Orleans, he has to produce a lot in a short time: his Tourmalet, but he will be able to climb it.

Instead Flaccadori plays a lot of bench at Bayern.
Why should he play more? Maybe out of parochialism?

It doesn’t work like that. I would be a bad coach if I used a player just because he speaks the same language. Diego good, but he has to find a way to help the team and not vice versa.

Is there a change in Italian basketball?
Yes, of disasters: from one disaster to another.

Our sport, in general, doesn’t look better.
Sport is always a photo of society and politics. Our situation, aggravated by the emergency, is dramatic: we are unable to send the children to school, we do not know how to program from morning to evening, we have been experiencing a monstrous socio-cultural drift for years. But we are better than that. In fact, no, I told a lie: we were better. Now we deserve this: how can we hope to make sport grow?

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