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A track that has become a living room for the Italians and one that has always been associated with the myth of the descent. S.ul Mont Lachaux in Crans Montana and on the Streif in Kitzbuehel the blue ski tries to travel fast. Indeed, faster than all. Women in Switzerland, men in Austria: they will be three days in photocopy, with two descents and a super-G. The calendar has been adjusted due to cancellations and changes dictated by the health emergency: the super-G of Crans Montana, to say, the recovery of the one canceled in St. Moritz, while the anomaly of Kitz, compared to the classic super-G-descent program- slalom, which free this morning the one not disputed last week in Wengen.

But the new scenario is a wild card for Italy. Let’s think about Kitz: Dominik Paris, relaunching later the return from the accident that happened to him a year ago in Kirchberg in Tyrol (the country before the Mecca of the descent), has seen a track disappear that is still difficult for him despite the second place in 2020: we are talking about Wengen, in fact. At the change he finds himself three times, instead of two, on a track in which he has won three times in free and once in super-G. As for Mont Lachaux, which has long since become the Enchanted Mountain of pink Italy: ten podiums total; Federica Brignone from 2017 to 2020 won in combined (last year here she overtook Shiffrin at the top of the World Cup) while Sofia Goggia set herself downhill in 2019.

The premises are again of high profile: Sofia, leader of the specialty (two wins and a second place), was respectively first and third in qualifying. But also Brignone, Bassino (at the start today but perhaps not tomorrow in view of the super-G) and the others have sent signals. Why is there confidence with this track? Because it is not pure gliding and instead very technical and full of curves. The peak speed is not high (125 per hour), but you have to get the rhythm and trajectories right. And this, especially in hard snow conditions, is the bread of the Italians.

The Streif certainly has a more marked appeal. Wengen destroys for the length, Bormio for the effort, but the slope of Kitz a mix of infernal passages (tackling the Mausefalle, jump 80 meters after the start, is equivalent to jumping from the second floor of a building; the Steilhang an endless double curve in counter-slope) and key points. If you enter under 90 hours at Brckenschuss, the small street after Steilhang, you have virtually lost; if you attack the Laerchenschuss badly (point from 110-115 times), you do not launch yourself towards the Hausbergkante and the crossbar that throws you towards the last leap and the final glide. In the combination of this diagonal and the schuss, 145 hours are reached and here the best Paris digs the difference, while another Italian, Kristian Ghedina, once enchanted the parterre with a split in flight before the finish line.

This time the public will not be there and the deserted Kitzbuehel, when it has always been synonymous with tremendous chaos, is kind. Dominik Paris, our attack card despite a good second place in the test of Matteo Marsaglia, do not worry about the aseptic environment. I still have to ‘straighten’ some corners and take better care of some movements – says Domme -. But after the fourth place in Bormio, confidence increased.

In Mont Lachaux the blue ones also have a lot. Sofia Goggia in the first place: In some points I can improve a lot. The challenge launched.

January 21, 2021 (change January 21, 2021 | 23:37)


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