“Either this government or the early elections. I will go house to house »- Corriere.it

Giuseppe Conte – despite the scenarios that speak of numbers at risk, and of centrists who withdraw from a possible support for the Senate – is convinced that he has made an “iron pact” with the leaders of the parties or his government, or the elections. And the subtitle of the agreement is lapidary: “No agreement with Renzi”. In the evening, after a day marked by the farewell of Mastella and the burning defection of the UDC, the new line emerges from Palazzo Chigi: the government goes ahead, because in the midst of the pandemic Italy cannot afford a power vacuum. A message agreed with the Democratic Party and the 5 Stars to ward off the great fear mounted in the last hours and remove the banana peels on which the Apulian lawyer risks breaking his neck between tomorrow and Tuesday.

Without the four votes of the centrists of Lorenzo Cesa, who pulled out of the “palace games” after pressure from the sovereign right, the situation became “very complicated”, according to the premier himself. Conte had hoped a lot in the “white” rescue. The symbol of the UDC, anchored to the EPP, would have been a precious achievement for the Apulian jurist. Not just a hook for fish for senators from Forza Italia, but also the first stone of the new political house, liberal democratic and pro-European, which Conte is offering to the aspiring “builders” of stability. “Too bad, it was a beautiful thing – the premier was disappointed -. Now everything is more difficult. But I’m not giving up, I’m in a hurry to close and get back to work ».

Now it’s up to adjust the strategy on the run, without changing course. Already Friday evening in the premier’s rooms they realized that the air had changed for the worse. Conte connected via zoom with Zingaretti, Di Maio and the delegation heads of the parties, he admitted problems with the abacus and also with part of the 5 Stars, opposed to promising too many seats to the newly responsible. What to do? Renounce communications and limit yourself to information, so as to avoid counting in the classroom? And then go up to the Quirinale for resignation and open a crisis in the dark? Count ter is a road, of course, but the president considers it too dangerous. And it seems that the “big” of the Democratic Party did not sweeten the pill too much: “You are right to be afraid, Giuseppe ... ” The fear of the trap is there. So much so that from Palazzo Chigi, to ensure solid numbers, not only the phone calls from the premier and the head of Cabinet depart Alessandro Goracci, but also those of the young private secretary Andrea Welcome, 28 years. The problem is that those responsible are not trusting, they want to see the numbers and for now the abacus is stopped at 154.

In short, the dems whisper that he would have been the head of the PD delegation, Dario Franceschini, to suggest to Conte the main road. Bringing the crisis into the classroom “in the light of day”, explaining to the country that it was Renzi who wanted the break and calling deputies and senators to take on a strong responsibility in the name of Italy, Recovery and the billions of the budget gap. “If I take the confidence even with a few votes less than 161, the government continues its journey – Conte noted – But it will be a weak government”. The opposite of what the Quirinale hopes for. Yet even the premier, like the dem, thinks that the most important issue is continuity. And Minister Gualtieri reassured him that Europe, through the commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, it is also ready to support a government that had an absolute majority in the House and a majority in the Senate.

Conte, whose political history is only just beginning, expressed all his concerns and Zingaretti and Franceschini reassured him: “Trust you take it, the theme is with how many votes … Let’s think about winning and then the majority will strengthen, from the program, to the team, to the votes in Parliament ». What if everything goes wrong? If he ends up resoundingly rejected, as happened to Romano Prodi? By virtue of the “iron pact” that the premier is sure he has made with party leaders, all that remains is to prepare for the early vote in June. The M5S also reassured him: “No agreements with Renzi, no political governments without you, no technical governments”.

And therefore Conte is already studying his resurrection. “If I do not take confidence, the government will fall into Parliament, before the eyes of the Italians – he reasons behind closed doors -. And if there is a vote in June, the victory of the right is far from obvious. I will travel around Italy city by city, village by village… ». The project of the “Together” list is there. And if it is legitimate to doubt that the M5S is ready to hand over a slice of its electorate to Conte’s nascent party, at Palazzo Chigi they are confident: “From Di Maio, to Di Battista, to Fico and Taverna, the 5 Stars have never been so compact ».

But in the meantime the more concrete risk is that the crisis will lengthen, with the virus running and votes with fundamental looming. The $ 32 billion budget gap, to begin with, where the 161 yeses in the Senate are needed. “Just a parliamentary trap and let’s all go home,” he shakes his head a leader of the Democratic Party who still advises to mend with Renzi. But this for Conte is a totem: «We don’t talk about it».

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