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The work continues in an attempt to expand the government majority of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte after the “wide” confidence received in the Chamber and narrower in the Senate. The Prime Minister met the Head of State Mattarella at the Quirinale on Wednesday. And so did the leaders of the center-right yesterday. “We found the President of the Republic very aware of the risks”, commented Northern League leader Matteo Salvini. In the meantime, the negotiations have been slowed down by the investigation involving the UDC leader Cesa.

12.00 – Crimi: “For M5S there are no margins to mend with Renzi”
«We read statements and interviews of politicians still convinced that there is room to mend with Renzi. This despite my and our statements in the previous days have been very clear in this regard. So I repeat, to avoid any misunderstanding: for the Movement there are no margins to mend with Renzi, the door is definitively closed ». The M5S political leader Vito Crimi underlines this. “We will not return to those who are unreliable up to this point: to those who have been responsible for a crisis at such a dramatic moment for the country,” he adds.

11.40 am – Crippa: “Renzi has put himself out alone, dialogue with IV parliamentarians”
«Renzi has advanced positions that are irreconcilable with the perimeter of the majority that supports the government and has put himself alone in the opposition. There are no margins to mend with him ». This is what Davide Crippa, leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Chamber said, during his speech at `Studio24´, broadcast on Rainews24. “The speech for the parliamentarians of Italia Viva is different – continued Crippa – with whom we have worked well and with whom we can discuss and continue a constructive discourse”. “Those who have made a mistake should take a step back and leave the field to others,” he concluded.

11.00 – Berlusconi: «Renzi goes all the way»
“Renzi has withdrawn from the government that he himself boasted of having created a year ago. It has opened a political crisis but so far it has not been able or wanted to go through with it. If in the Senate Italia viva had voted no to trust, the Conte government would no longer exist. I believe that this crisis is really dangerous and must be resolved very quickly either with a government of a different character or with elections, according to what the President of the Republic deems most appropriate “, says the former premier. “Renzi, who often says the right things, still has the opportunity, right from the next parliamentary passages, to draw the consequences”. Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi says this in an interview with the newspaper La Verità.

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