Rome, 0-3 at the table for the 6 substitutions in the Italian Cup against Spezia-

The sports judge Alessandro Zampone, about the mess of the substitutions at the Giallorossi home during Roma-Spezia, valid for the second round of the Italian Cup and won by the Ligurians (4-2) in extra time, has imposed on Rome the sanction for the loss of the match with the score of 0-3. During the match Roma made six substitutions, instead of the five required by the regulation, as the judge’s statement underlines even in the matches that are decided with the dispute of overtime. A stop in the Cup for Pau Lopez and Mancini, expelled in extra time, and a yellow card with a fine of 1500 euros instead for Lorenzo Pellegrini.

January 22, 2021 (change January 22, 2021 | 17:18)


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