so it can change color already on Sunday-

The Lombardy back to ask the government to return to orange. For this reason, the technicians of the Region should transmit the new data to the Ministry of Health, admitting that they made a mistake in the calculation of the RT in the last monitoring and urging a new evaluation of the control room. In this case, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, after having asked the new opinion of the “control room” could sign the order that changes the band and the Region could return to orange already on Sunday.

The color change of the Regions after the monitoring of the ISS

The appeal

The position of Lombardy was expressed in the decree presented to the TAR to ask to leave the red band and return to orange. The node linked to the Rt index which in the last monitoring transmitted was higher than 1.25 and therefore based on the new criteria automatically triggers the most restrictive band. But Lombardy disputes that this is a real photograph: This data is delayed with respect to the infection is because it is calculated on the symptomatics, who develop the symptoms days after the date they came into contact with the virus, and because, precisely not considering the data of non-symptomatic infected people, it does not reveal the chains of transmission between asymptomatic patients who remain hidden.

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