Stock exchanges in red, Milan loses 1.5% They weigh energy, travel and auto-

After a lower opening, the European stock exchanges worsened, with Milan down by 1.5%. The energy sector, travel and cars weigh on the price lists: all sectors that at a European level are down by 1.5%. Cyclical segments that evidently discount the fears of a recession in the first part of the year after the concerns expressed yesterday by the European Central Bank. Milan the worst in Europe, penalized above all by the oil sector, Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid are in the red by 1%. The futures on Wall Street are also negative, now down by over half a point while crude oil is still down by more than 1%.

To penalize Piazza Affari are banks and energy while investors are also looking at the developments of the government crisis. Tenaris (-4%) and Saipem (-3.4%) and Eni (-1.9%) suffer, with oil falling. Male Autogrill (-2%) struggling with the € 600 million capital increase and after the crash on the eve of the day. While the spread between BTP and Bund rises to 122 basis points, the banks slow down. In the red Unicredit (-2.6%), Banco Bpm and Intesa (-1.8%) and Bper (-1.6%). Also in the red Mps (-0.4%), with the hypotheses on the moves for the recapitalization anticipated by Repubblica in view of the board of directors on January 28th. Negative session also for Leonardo (-2.8%), Prysmian (-2.6%), Stm (-2.3%) and Pirelli (-2%).

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