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The dem exalts the former mayor. Amendola: I a candidate? I work at Recovery, first the alliance with the 5S

of Simona Brandolini

Apart from a certain coming and going of the left between anthropogenetic promises and anthropological justifications for the barbarization of the people, as Marco Demarco points out, Goffredo Bettini (woe to call him “eminence gray of the Democratic Party as I have always exposed myself publicly and risking”) speaks of Naples and Antonio Bassolino without even the moderator’s request. «About Naples, I cannot fail to say something in my heart – he explains during the presentation of the book by Vito Nocera, Senza classe – Naples in this fragmentation (of politics) is already a city, like Rome, tendentially divided and badly intertwined. Petroselli’s preoccupation was to unite Rome, through administrative action and great ideas. In Naples, in recent years, demagogy and populism prevailed, there was a political strike as well as an administration strike. While the years of Bassolino protagonist were those of the recovery of Naples, he did not speak only to the city, but to the country. We made the national campaign with the image of Antonio on the poster: synthesis and combination of ancient roots, of tradition, he tells it in the Dolomites of Naples, of a mayor who immersed himself in the city, glue of the communities. Combined with a great dedication to reform, a combination of past and present as it must always be done ».

In short, Argan is in Valenzi, as Petroselli in Bassolino, seems to understand in the pantheon of left-wing mayors. «In Naples there was innovation in tradition – he continues – I think that this spirit and this lesson must be recovered. It is not up to me to decide, but Bassolino’s lesson is still very much alive today in the battles that await us ». Now it is not clear in what form, but, as Bassolino often says, it is a fact that after “years of solitude” Bettini, the director of the Gypsy Democratic Party, pays these honors. But it is also true that Bettini is the biggest sponsor of Pd-5Stelle alliance. Bassolino collects: «I thank Goffredo who recalled our government experience in Naples. We tried to redo the welfare, the civic grandparents, the mothers of the Spanish Quarters, the politics of the times, we talk about it a lot today. There is so much to rethink. We have to be the test of this challenge, in the city, in the neighborhoods, at the national level and we have to do it knowing that we have a new social composition. This means having your feet on the ground and your head to look to the future. Concreteness and hope, realism and utopia, citizens’ life and an idea of ​​a country and a great city like Naples. Within this we must feel committed ».

A few hours earlier a papabile candidate such as the Minister for European Affairs Enzo Amendola, on a city tour, said: “In Naples, the leadership group of the Democratic Party is building the alliance for elections to the Municipality, after the victory of the regional ones and must build a ‘alliance for the city as we are doing in Parliament with the alliance for Italy, this is the central element, the priority ». An alliance, he explains, which must be built «with simple direct elements and looking at social issues. When the alliance is formed, the team will be chosen, but we start from emergencies and from the answers that everyone is called to give. I work on Recovery, as long as I am a minister and everyone is always called to do with discipline and honor what he is called to do ». In short, times seem to expand, in Rome there is discussion of the postponement of the administrative offices to September. And so we are still in the early stages.

January 23, 2021 | 08:49


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