Giorgetti and the League’s choices The push on institutional government –

Salvini does not have the cards of the crisis in hand: the games will open only if and when Conte resigns. And in view of that crossroads Giorgetti hopes that the leader of the League will free himself from the PCI complex Not having enemies on the left was the syndrome that influenced the political choices of the Communists: Giorgetti wants to prevent Salvini from being afflicted and from making mistakes so as not to have enemies right. Because soon the leader of the Northern League could be called to make decisions that would mark not only his personal political history and that of his party, but also the fate of the entire center-right. It is evident that certain strategic choices are today conditioned by competition with ally Meloni, who, faced with the hypothesis of a crisis, continues to hit the button of the early vote, showing itself opposed to alternative solutions.

For now Salvini has not left any spaces and he will not leave until the Conte cabinet has formally fallen. But if and when that happens, Giorgetti thinks that the League should abandon the slogan of the polls, which are not a viable path, to offer a perspective to the country, opening up to the idea of ​​an institutional government. Therefore he did not share the line decided by the center-right delegation when he climbed the Quirinale the day before yesterday: even just evoking the elections – in his opinion – only accelerates the formation of another center-left executive. While the Carroccio should enter the field, say it is willing to do its part given the national emergency.
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true, the timing of the crisis was scheduled for the summer, coinciding with the blank semester: Renzi anticipated it by upsetting the plans of allies and opponents. But if Conte really fell, according to Giorgetti it would be useful for the Lega to declare itself in favor of an institutional cabinet: because in this way it would demonstrate a sense of responsibility, the profile of a governing force. His assessment that any limited loss of consensus in the polls, in the short term, would be compensated for in the medium and long term. Together with greater credibility in the country, in the international chancelleries and in that world of finance, which holds the Italian public debt. For the Carroccio it would also mean getting rid of certain fears that are felt in its leadership team: that is, having the guarantee of being able to govern after an electoral victory.

The PCI complex is just a ghost, say that Salvini is persuading him, because – for Giorgetti – Meloni would remain adamant on the line of elections until the design materializes. Then, if the time comes, he should agree to think about it in order to avoid penalizing isolation for a force that has a vocation to govern. Furthermore, by adhering to the project of an institutional executive, the League could in no way be excluded from the table where the name of the next head of state was decided and would participate in the necessary reform of the system, including the electoral law: this would put an end to the mechanism. according to which the majorities in turn change the rules of the game in each term, trying to take advantage of it.

evident that the transition would not be painless, but in case of crisis – according to Giorgetti – it would be risky to remain nailed to the request for early elections. Because then the possibility of a break-up of the coalition should be taken into account, with a piece of the center that could be attracted to a new government – perhaps with a new prime minister – and that would be convinced in step for the prospect of the proportional electoral law . If this were the case, the danger for the League would be that of seeing its consent transformed into out of date currency: the proportional would in fact be kryptonite for the Carroccio, which was exhumed precisely to prevent it from returning to Palazzo Chigi.

The crisis is not there yet and it may not even happen, although the signals coming from the Giallorossi coalition lead us to believe that something is about to happen. Already the choice of Conte on the delegation to services seems to have sparked the turmoil in the Democratic Party. It may be that the Giallorossi find a way to go forward, perhaps even up to the white semester. In any case, the League is preparing for the big game: the moves of a game of chess must be studied ahead of time. The obvious opening: To vote, to vote. Then…

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