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The general impression that Giuseppe Conte, walking the narrow path of parliamentary reckoning, has ended up in a dead end. And that the only possible way out of the crisis is to open the door to Italia Viva and its leader, as the authoritative leaders of the Democratic Party now hope. But although the constructors operation is struggling to take off, the prime minister does not want to know. And he said it loud and clear to the ambassadors and the bridges, that one day, if the other, they whisper to him to reopen the negotiations. Never with Renzi, the category response of the lawyer, who on the great rejection of the one who triggered a government crisis in the dark found the side of Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro di Battista, united in the difficult mission to de-renzize the majority.

The impression of the front counts that Matteo Renzi is working with all its energy to compact its parliamentary groups and prevent the escape of would-be leaders. To the premier, who also has his informants at Palazzo Madama, they told how the leader of Italia Viva convinced his senators elected in the Democratic Party to stay with him, because the perpetrators cannot find them and will have to surrender to return with us. Yet, more Renzi opens to Conte, more Conte closes to Renzi and freezes the messengers trying to convince them that the risk of going to the vote is becoming more and more concrete and real. On the other hand Salvini, Meloni and Tajani said in unison to President Mattarella that the only scenario is the vote. For Senator Gaetano Quagliariello, the leaders of the center right have made a tactical and strategic mistake, which could even lock down the premier.

Behind closed doors, speaking of Renzi, Conte never tires of remembering everyone diktats and threats which he believes he has suffered in this year and a half of government. Why should Renzi change his attitude even if a way were found to mend and relaunch the executive? Giuseppe Conte fears that Italia Viva would raise the price more and more, even on the ministries and the executive’s action would end up paralyzed by vetoes. In this scenario, the Apulian jurist should be in pieces and instead, those who saw him yesterday during the meetings to speed up the Recovery plan, saw him determined and sure of himself. An attitude that, clashing with reality and perhaps also with the warnings of the Quirinale, displaces and worries ministers and party leaders, surprised by its ostentatious security. The fact that Conte, even though he seemed a little more anxious yesterday, most of the time really thinks that he will be the winner of the tug-of-war with Renzi. If the game to those who give up first, I certainly do not give up – they have heard him say – Rather, better the elections. His idea is that the Movement, the numerically strongest force, will never accept to sacrifice it to satisfy a small party like Italia Viva.

The parliamentary groups would not vote any government with Renzi and without Conte and even the Democratic Party would humiliate the thesis of the leaders of the M5S. Giuseppe is the balance point of this majority and should be the prime minister, says Minister Stefano Patuanelli. As for the Democratic Party, the lawyer remains convinced that Zingaretti really does not trust Renzi anymore and that if this government falls, the ballot boxes are really the most honorable way out of the quagmire.

In reality, the alarm is getting higher at the Nazarene, because the crisis clock is at the very last laps and the formation of the centrist group that should save the government at Palazzo Madama just does not take off. For Conte, the only real prospect that a group of senators from Italia Viva will tear and abandon Renzi. The report by Minister Keeper Alfonso Bonafede on justice is voted on Wednesday and if the former premier confirms his intention to vote no, the government will go under. Unless that day the new constructors from Italia Viva, Forza Italia and the UDC, orphan of the investigated leader Lorenzo Cesa, are revealed. Conte risks bad, but it seems he has not lost confidence. He continues to think that when the senators understand that they are really going to vote they will come off and never get tired of calling and receiving bridges and builders. The honorable Bruno Tabacci went up to Palazzo Chigi. The leader of the Democratic Center, in constant contact with Conte, met Luigi Di Maio and when he came out in Piazza Colonna he revealed the lawyer’s last card before the polls: To widen the majority, a new executive is needed. That Count ter that the Apulian jurist had always rejected and that he would now be willing to accept.

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