in the elections the Lega will take care of you-

Stay armored, all united, until Tuesday, when the fate of the Conte government is clarified. If the votes for the trust are not there, then another game will start, and we will be part of it. Matteo Salvini in the daily summit of the center-right that has been held since the opening of the crisis – yesterday in via Bellerio in Milan, present the same leader of the League, Tajani, Toti, Lupi while Berlusconi, Meloni and Cesa were connected via Zoom, today there will be only telephone contacts – to summarize the line on which all leaders converge. From Wednesday – his words at the end of the meeting -, if they don’t have the numbers, we will be able to take on our responsibilities. We are already discussing an alternative project and team to this left. Availability also declared in a note from the entire center-right: voting is the main way but the coalition represents a strong and capable alternative to this majority.

The UDC: We do not lend ourselves to palace games

In the two hours of discussion, he thought a lot about the numbers, with a certain optimism: At the moment, they don’t have them, the conclusion. The majority would be stuck at 155-156 votes, thanks to the resistance that so far seems to be in the center right, also confirmed by theUdc on a dry note: We do not lend ourselves to palace games and we are in the center right. Our grades are not for sale. Clearly, nothing is certain until the end, especially in a Parliament in which many know they do not have chances of re-nomination in the event of a vote and do not want to go home in the middle of the term. Here then is that the strategy of the center-right leaders, of whom Salvini is placed as spokesman and guarantor, is to reassure (If you go to the vote, the League will take charge of you, he told the little ones of the coalition). Elections are the last possible option if there are no other solutions, says Tajani.

Berlusconi: From Mattarella to ask us to run the government

We – was Salvini’s reasoning shared by the allies, Berlusconi in the lead – will go to Mattarella not only asking for the vote: we can ask that we be entrusted with the task of forming a government. Realistic hypothesis? Very difficult, but not impossible. At the summit there was talk of a Count hanging by a thread, with few majority votes in the House and under an absolute majority in the Senate, a Count not necessarily helped to the end by the Democratic Party who does not want to make him the absolute triumph and by the M5S who does not want to. die for him. If he didn’t make it, if a yellow and red government was not born but with another premier, then the numbers for a center-right government could be there, he says. Tajani, speaking of at least 4 or 5 senators of the M5S, who would have turned to Salvini and of a project that has been going on for some time: There is discontent and movement.

Meloni only sees elections

A bluff? Possible. But it makes it clear that most of the center-right, in the event of a crisis, does not want to remain on the corner. Certainly not FI and the minor parties, but also the League is seriously reflecting on the hypothesis of continuation of the legislature, with technical area governments perhaps or as a less welcome hypothesis of purpose. Not by chance, Salvini confirmed that voter s united opposition to both the budget variance and the Ristori decree. Not a small sign. The only one who maintains a rigid position and currently only sees the elections is Meloni. But this is the hour of closing ranks, not of distinctions.

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