mars 2marte5marte6“The Mythos 3 interstellar probe touched down on the third planet of a solar system towards the edge of the Orion Arm after a journey through the cosmos that lasted about 20 years. His mechanical auger went into action soon after. He was looking for evidence of the existence of life on that planet a few million years ago. Poldino went down the entrance stairs of the house where he lived with his family to reach the garden and found that unusual toy in the middle. Maybe he had fallen out of Santa’s sleigh. At first he scrutinized it with curiosity, then approached it, then grabbed it and overturned it sending it to pieces… “. Sorry for the science fiction preamble, but it was to introduce the subject of life on Mars. Human life this time, and the pretext was given to me by an article recently reported by Cun even if it dates back to a few years ago. An image of a fossilized humanoid is imprinted on a rock of Mars, but it is not the only evidence of this kind on the Red Planet. marte7I have collected a number of them in recent years from the Martian rovers Curiosity and Opportunity. Photos that sometimes leave us amazed if we compare them with similar images on Earth, for example in Pompeii. “Common sense” suggests that we are dealing with pareidolias, because when science does not know or does not want to give answers, it pulls pareidolia out of the hat, as a refined and cultured substitute for the game of three cards … supercazzola “, because it is a word without meaning in itself, in the sense that it explains what an object is not, without proving what it actually is, forgetting that the main task of science is to interpret reality and not deny it . Having said that, I leave you the opinion on the images that I am going to publish. These are images that some of you already know because I was able to disclose them a few years ago on this blog. Up to now, no one has been able to give a credible explanation beyond the pareidolia …


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