America’s Cup, how Luna Rossa can change gear to win the Prada Cup-

Wanting to see the glass half full, continuing to race will allow the 11 men on the moon to raise the performance of the boat and crew, even if the reserve remains on the double thinking head (the two helmsmen Bruni and Spithill) called to make very quick decisions in a now supersonic sail (yesterday Britannia broke through the 50 knots of speed, 50.29; the Italians reached 49, 35) while Ineos – with an innovative grinder working method studied with McLaren (the grinders turn the cranks in one direction only, without changing direction and working diagonally: the use of the whole body to optimize a fluid gesture allows them to produce higher wattage) – unloads thanks to its 6 forks more power and allows its flight controllers a more stable and deeper glide: Giles Scott (dedicated tactician) meanwhile looks for the gusts on the race course to set the calls for Ainslie’s maneuvers, four consecutive Olympic golds not by chance. Two very different ways of conceiving the configuration of the new Ac75, the flying monohulls.

We need to analyze the moments in which we were not perfect, understand how to improve, for example in the stern said Sirena of yesterday’s regatta, which was fast and furious, open (9 overtakes) and fought to the last meter of water, when Luna Rossa (less performing than her rivals in the stern pace) attempted the engagement with Britannia who, glacial, pulled straight to the finish. Penalty rejected, regatta lost. Beyond the imperfections in certain maneuvers around the buoys, the impression that the Prada Pirelli Team has so far failed to exploit the advantage of the helmsman who does not have to change sides to make the navigation deeper, the flight sharper, the communication on board less agitated. Against Ineos, in a field swept by dancers at 20 knots, at a certain point Pietro Sibello, a mainstream professional, was seen popping up in the stern chasing the wind. Luna Rossa called to a change of pace necessary to beat the Americans in the semifinals (hoping for a light wind) and to battle Britannia in the Prada Cup finalwhen each point weighs like lead.

Never as now that the campaign, the fifth of the America’s Cup, at the decisive crossroads, in Auckland the presence of Patrizio Bertelli, owner of the Moon, would be needed: a scream of his, perhaps, but also the humanity of a spaghetti all together to compact the group. The fast boat, the team has so far been less team than Ineos, united like a block of granite. But the time to become one (the same old America’s Cup problem), alas, is running out.

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