Arsenal, Mesut Ozil “sent” to Turkey amid football and sympathy for Erdogan-

Only football reasons, and the choice in March not to reduce the salary despite the pandemic (but, at the same time, to save Gunnersaurus, the team’s mascot). The Arsenal argues that there is no other background to the sale of Mesut Ozil to Fenerbahce, Turkey (should debut on February 6 in the derby against Galatasaray). But the German, 32, world champion, has long been at the center of a political case. And he has always complained of being discriminated against for his Turkish origins: When we win I am German, otherwise I am a foreigner.

Sukur against Ozil, sportsmen benefited or persecuted by politics: when taking sides is not easy
Hakan Sukur in povertà

More recently, then, and also touching the wallet of the Gunners, had sided against China for the persecution of the Uyghur population, Chinese of Turkish-speaking ethnicity and Muslim religion (a position also shared by other players, not necessarily pro-Turkish, such as Antoine Griezmann who terminated the agreements with the giant Huawei). A position expressed on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, which forced the London team to distance themselves so as not to compromise its many activities in China. In the Far East, in fact, Arsenal has commercial interests, including a chain of restaurants. Not to mention the damage to the Premier League, with Chinese TV refusing to broadcast even cartel games.

In terms of contracts, PES had canceled the player from his game, and Adidas had also closed his agreements, officially because the renunciation of the national team resulted in little international appeal. Now the team’s usual thanks have arrived for the man with three Fa Cups won (the first immediately, in 2013/14, after a fast that lasted nine seasons for the Gunners) and vice versa. But he has a bitter taste in his mouth.

Ozil, excluded from Arsenal, goes into fashion with “multicultural” streetwear: from the Erdogan case to unbridled luxury to charity, lights and shadows of a controversial champion
  • Ozil, excluded from Arsenal, d

The “inclusive” fashion

And also a fashion campaign dedicated to la multiculturalit: we are part of an international community that stands for freedom and inclusiveness. We are a generation that feels at home everywhere but rests nowhere. We are rooted in the movement.

In any case, his farewell after almost eight years in London – came for 42 million pounds, 47.2 million euros, from Real Madrid – ended with the usual phrases: I would like to thank the club for this extraordinary journey lasted seven and a half years. The support that I have heard from the team and fans has always been incredible and that will forever be grateful.

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