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“The current situation has given all of us a sense of the urgency of acting quickly, intelligently and pragmatically and, at the same time, of the need to address global issues with a systemic approach.” So Carlo Messina, managing director and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo on Sunday evening at the opening ceremony of the Davos meetings, this year remotely. «The World Economic Forum – Messina said – takes on a new meaning this year. In such a difficult and critical moment it is all the more important to come together to find messages of hope and unity ». The CEO of the first Italian banking group, one of the largest in Europe, then said he was “convinced that institutions and companies must commit themselves individually to help solve complex situations such as the one in which we came to find ourselves but that this goal can only be achieved with a joint commitment “.

Intesa Sanpaolo – Messina recalled in his online speech – has donated more than 100 million euros to strengthen the national health system and has supported people in difficulty with 13 million meals, beds, medicines, clothes. “In a scenario of marked complexity, we feel the duty to support economic, social and cultural growth with further commitment, giving a positive signal especially in the countries where we are present”, he reiterated. For this reason «we are proud to be able to contribute to the reflection on the“ Great Reset ”, one of the themes of this edition, with the hope that it will be the first step towards a society truly characterized by greater well-being, inclusion and sustainability and with reduced inequalities».

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