The resignation, then the appeal to the parties La via di Conte for the ter- government

It would be called a government of national salvation, but it would be nothing more than a Conte 3, based on an enlarged majority in pieces of the moderate area of ​​the center-right and of which Renzi would also belong. this is the project on which we have been working for a few days and on which the response of the premier is expected for today, who should dissolve the reserve and decide whether to go to the Quirinale to formalize the crisis before the vote in Parliament on justice.

Conte doesn’t seem to have many alternatives. In the Senate, the numbers for Bonafede are so narrow that they would risk crippling the head of the grillini delegation to the government, and at the same time further weakening the Prime Minister, who would end up with less support than that obtained on trust. The no announced by the senators Casini, Nencini and Lonardo against the Keeper, in addition to expressing a guarantee line, are a form of pressure on the premier to induce him to accept the project. Which passes through the formal opening of the crisis. The operation provides that Conte, after his resignation, will appeal to all political forces to collaborate in a government of national salvation: taking for granted the contrariet of the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, support for the project of the centrists, waiting for a piece of Forza Italia to join. More or less the scheme that Franceschini had exposed days ago in an interview. More or less what Salvini, Meloni and Tajani had anticipated at Mattarella al Quirinale, and what the majority works to undermine the opposition parties.

The fault in the center-right would cross Berlusconi’s party, held underneath observation from his allies. Which did not escape the attitude of the Knight, who the day before yesterday proposed a government of national unity and at the same time indicated the way of early elections. An ambiguity to which must be added a joke about the premier that the force leader confided to Casini: Conte will not be great but he is showing skill. Let me be clear, the former prime minister would not adhere to the appeal by breaking the unity of the coalition, but if the different Berlusconians of his party did so, the new political framework would emerge.

The transition from Conte 2 to Conte 3 would take place under the guarantee of a network of protection, a sort of controlled crisis that would begin with the resignation of the premier, would pass through the request to the head of state for a re-appointment to form a new government on the basis of the appeal, and would end with a vote of confidence in Parliament. Thus a compromise with a Christian Democratic flavor would be sanctioned which would impose (almost) a sacrifice on everyone. Conte would remain at Palazzo Chigi, but his role would be reduced, and while waiting for the fateful white semester he should in the meantime change the balance of the team he was fond of. Renzi would return to the majority, but without having the golden share of the coalition anymore. That piece of Democratic Party from the DS who wanted to settle accounts with Iv, would get the assignment for the proportional but would have to lay the ax against the hated former secretary. And all together, old and new government allies, could then seek an agreement on the future tenant of the Quirinale.

The grillini would remain. And precisely in the party with a relative majority, which remained at margins of play in this crisis, which are experiencing strong tensions. Yesterday Di Maio cleverly pinned the head of government to his words, recalling that the prime minister had ruled out Renzi’s return to the coalition. Then he blocked the way for Count 3, because if there are no votes for Count 2 now, there won’t be even later. Finally she gave him forty-eight hours. Translation: given that the negotiations have been centralized at Palazzo Chigi, now let them take care of the situation. Thus the project of national salvation risks becoming complicated and turning out to be a donut without the hole. There is a reason, in fact, if the premier has not yet dissolved the reserve, if despite the assurances yesterday he asked for another day of reflection. He may well be a neophyte of politics but although the path appears to be armored, although the authors of the drawing have reassured him, the passage of the crisis would still leave him without a shield for a short distance. And however short it may be, it could be fatal to him. The centrists, Renzi, the Pd, Di Maio: not that Conte has many other ways, but go and trust …

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