the Rossoneri were too experimental, Inter did not change pace. And Juve is suggestion-

Milan and Inter close with opposite demonstrations. Milan falls in the most normal match to lose (HERE the comment of Milan-Atalanta 0-3), that is an experimental team against the more organized one in the league. They were small tricks that had been done before, but they had never been pushed this far with novices and role inventions. There was a mark of a limit, football is an invention but not a joy of ideas, everything must have meaning and experience. These are things that Milan know, otherwise they would not have bought more than anyone on the market as the first in the table. If you take it because you have not. Saturday was that festival.

The consequences will be measurable when the team returns to the starting team, I am thinking above all of the returns of Bennacer and Calhanoglu. However, the team tried to be Milan even with an invented soul, it did not close, rather it was overwhelmed by the counterattack. Perhaps this is the lesson. There are games in which it is necessary to disappoint and stop with intelligence in front of an opponent that day stronger. Managing your addiction is the truest part of strength.

Opposite Inter. In the three half championships of Conte he averaged 41 points. That is true. She never grew up, she never changed pace. It promises nothing more. what, it only remains to be seen if that’s enough. In Udine he played the classic match from Inter: many crosses, many wrong insertions by the forwards on that last pass. An ancient game, I would say classic, very recognizable. This is the difference with Milan. One always equal to itself, the other increased by 18 points and remains a variable. At this point it also depends on the opponents. They weren’t there until yesterday, today they’re back. The strength of Inter which has an assured base of points. That of Milan which is not clear how much it can give in the insistence of the matches. He has already given so much but he can also do something more.

Meanwhile Atalanta has grown so much, Ilicic, in this winter of football, has the effect of Messi. Pessina from national team and there is no doubt that Mancini will call him. If football completes Atalanta within that space. Juve is more a suggestion than a profound reality. Pirlo doesn’t seem to me to be the problem. There is great technique but also confusion of roles and management. The force dissipates. I would like to see Milan in its entirety, that grace of his in the game, that brotherhood that does not last over the years but can give enough to win once. I would say we are ready to start over.

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