F1, Giuliano Alesi driving a Ferrari 30 years after his father Jean- Corriere.it

«I remained on the sidelines, taken by emotion. Fiorano, the Ferrari that lights up. The most indelible memories and my son who shoots right here. An emotion. How to listen to Verdi at the Scala ».Jean Alesi he’s an eternal racing guy. He revised himself on his Ferrari debut (November 28, 1990), witnessing the test of Giuliano, rookie on an F1. The same helmet, the red and black friezes, in memory of Elio De Angelis. First to hit the track in the 2018 car. The two young people from the Academy, Armstrong e Schwartzman, they shot in the afternoon, Leclerc on track today, Sainz tomorrow, Mick Schumacher and Illiot on Thursday.

For Alesi Jr it was a last day of school. His time at the Academy is over, he is about to leave for Japan, he will race in Formula Nippon Light and in GT races with the intention of settling down as a professional: «I have to say thank you Ferrari. And to Mattia Binotto who wanted to give Giuliano this opportunity. It is valid as a business card and a wish for its future. Here they know that he grew up inside Ferrari, he will always be part of the family ». So far he has had no luck, he has been able to count on the advice and transport of a father who has found him a sponsor, has always supported him. But now Giuliano will have to fend for himself. His path remains uphill, bears the weight of a famous surname while other sons of champions have already landed in F1. Starting with his friend Mick Schumacher, accompanied in the most difficult years, after Michael’s accident. A boy Jean treated like his son. Those who love racing have understood that this is a suspended story, for which to cheer. Alesi’s helmet moves the soul, brings the most romantic spirit of racing to the track.

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