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No, you can’t park inside. Comic sketch this Monday evening, outside the Rigamonti stadium in Brescia, just before the postponement of the 19th matchday of Serie B between the home team and Berlusconi’s Monza. No parking for Mario Balotelli, the great ex, absent on the pitch because he was injured but present at the stadium. When he showed up at the stadium car park (obviously empty, the game behind closed doors) aboard his roaring Fiat 500 Abarth, Mario was stopped by the service staff: you are not authorized to park. Short discussion, then Balo reversed and parked his car on the curb in front of the stadium.

Next door, a few meters from his car, uno eloquent banner placed in the afternoon by the ultrs from Brescia, still angry with the attacker after the bad season that culminated with the relegation to B: For us you are worth zero, man without dignity. More an insult in the classic Brescia dialect, which can be translated as a go to that country, but more colorful. Between Balotelli and the Brescia president Massimo Cellino the rags have flown: a legal case is at stake. For Mario, who has a house two hundred meters from the stadium, a really bad return to his city.

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