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She started following him on Instagram. She was studying in St. Petersburg, Russia, and watched in amazement as this Italian boy pedaled the coldest road in the world, from Magadan to Yakustsk, Siberia. Covid was beginning to spread, her university closed and so she decided to travel eight thousand kilometers to meet him in that freezing hell, with the thermometers at minus fifty degrees. When they met, it seemed natural to him to park his bike and borrow a sled. Same thing she did. And they walked, in the snow, for 120 kilometers before stopping in a village: at that point Covid had spread, the borders closed. But the cold had warmed their hearts and so, a few months later, they decided to get married in one of the coldest places in the world.

From the Sahara to the cold

The male protagonist Lorenzo Barone, twenty-three years old from San Gemini (a village in the province of Terni, in Umbria) who hasn’t stopped pedaling since he was 18. First he traveled through Europe, then he tried the Sahara in the summer, then he looked for the spark beyond the five thousand in the Himalayas and at minus thirty in Lapland. A year ago the journey that changed his life. He left on January 15 for Siberia in search of a solo adventure, along his path he found Aygul, the girl who warmed his heart despite the sub-zero temperatures and he married these days, exactly one year after the start of the his adventure, in Pokrovsk, a city of the republic of Yakutia. And if it is true that the other half of the apple exists somewhere in the world, and who does not find it just because he has not looked for it enough, then the case of Lorenzo is truly emblematic. He certainly did not spare himself in research. Fifty-two days of cycling 2,400 kilometers from Magadan to Yakustsk, on the coldest road in the world. There were days when he traveled over 120 kilometers, days when he couldn’t do ten. When it was hot, the thermometer showed minus ten. At night, it reached -56 degrees: and almost always he was alone (he slept in a tent for 25 nights) asking for hospitality in 14 different houses. To rest (the bike weighs between 65 and 75 kilos), to warm up but also to repair damage, such as the nine times he punctured due to the cold (below a certain temperature the inner tubes cannot hold). it was a truly amazing adventure. To those who ask me why I did it, I answer like this: for the same reason a painter paints, he tells today via WhatsApp: the connections are not simple and between the question and the answer sometimes you have to wait even a day. I’m just a guy who had a dream, and who went beyond that dream. But I’m not tired yet. In the months I stopped here I trained by covering three thousand kilometers in 34 days, but the temperatures fluctuated between +15 and -25, so it wasn’t anything exceptional. Now I am ready for the new challenge. It will depart from Pokrovsk Sacha Yakutia and arrive at Yuryung Khaya, on the Arctic Ocean, 2,770 kilometers later. It will be really cold, but it will be beautiful ”.

New life

If you want to follow his adventures, on Facebook he updates his fans, who in the last year have risen to over thirty thousand and after the wedding have made him a celebrity among fans of great cycling adventures. There you will find that gasoline above -48 degrees no longer burns, or what you need to use to prevent your nose from freezing. And dozens of other truths that Lorenzo identified with the practice, waking up inside his own tent below zero, it seemed that my breath was dust – he says – as soon as it came into contact with the air it froze. By the way, the last detail. They ask me how I managed to support myself for so long, without working – explains Lorenzo. -. The truth is that I spend very little, basically just to eat. Some supporters help me: I take photos and I promise to bring them to him in person as soon as I return to Italy (donations on PayPal to the email Viagginbici.01@libero.it, ed). Then I did some work, I also started making pizzas in the months when we were blocked for Covid. The truth is that I am happy like this, I am living life as I never dreamed I could. I will return to Italy, I hope this summer, I miss my family. But now I feel far away. My peers complain that they can’t go to the disco, I think about pedaling thousands of kilometers in the cold. We are distant now. And not just a matter of kilometers.

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