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The offending sentences

To weigh in the judgment will be especially after the game, when Conte entered the Udinese tunnel (in time of Covid the teams have dedicated entrances and exits) and waited for the referee. He didn’t have to. There was a heated confrontation between the coach and Maresca. The coach did not send them to say: It’s always you, even at the Var. The whistle reacted: Mister calm down, you must always accept, even when you don’t win. An unhappy sentence from the referee, repeated to other Nerazzurri and read by the coach as a provocation. The referee did little to soften the moment, he too risks a stop.

The coach made a mistake in exceeding, but alongside the good referee there must always be common sense, the ability to evaluate the situation and not feed the tension with a similar phrase.

The intervention of Udinese

In the tunnel Conte was not alone, with him also Stellini, his second, and others on the bench: no one had the readiness to drag the coach away. Instead, Udinese came between the referee and Conte: they avoided contact between the two, the consequences could be catastrophic. Amidst the screams, the referee was escorted to his dressing room.

The clarification

Inter’s CEO Marotta, not present at the moment of the turmoil as the managers follow the match from the stands, the situation happens knocked on the manager’s door of race. With Conte they were received in the referees’ dressing room, where there was a clarification between the coach and Maresca. I will not avoid disqualification, at least for the urban climate, as the statements of the coach after the game show. The referee ultimately has to make his own decisions and we have to accept them even if sometimes we disagree. The diplomatic mission seems to have paid off, now it’s up to the judge, from what filters the stop should not exceed two days ..

Lukaku-Lautaro inceppati

The quarrel with the referee does not justify the bad performance of Inter. For the first time in the league, the Nerazzurri were unable to score, an unfortunate news that closely affects Lukaku and Lautaro. The Nerazzurri strikers have a bad moon and have not found the goal for four rounds in Serie A. Too many inaccuracies in front of goal, especially by Lautaro, while Lukaku in Udine did not even go to the shot. Inter’s attack remains the best attack of the league, with 45 goals scored, but in this context the braking of the couple, who scored almost half of the goals (21), an alarm not to be underestimated. Inter produces a lot, not in Udine to tell the truth, but only partially materializes. Certain matches must be won, the post-Juventus satisfaction is dangerous.

The derby for the redemption

In this sense itomorrow’s derby in the Italian Cup comes at the right time, it can be the key to the relaunch, a great challenge to find a new impetus and above all to avenge the derby lost in the league. Winning could have important repercussions for Conte’s team and also for the Rossoneri, still at the top of the table. Plus it would throw open the doors of the double semifinal to play with Juventus, if the bianconeri beat Spal. The raise served should not be wasted.

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