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In the end, after another hectic day, after having resisted until the end, at seven in the evening Giuseppe Conte finally makes a decision. Tomorrow at nine in the morning he will notify his ministers of his intention to resign from the Council of Ministers, then he will go to the Quirinale and formalize the decision in the hands of the Head of State. The official note of Palazzo Chigi was issued at 19.20 after hours of uncertainty and conjecture. It must not have been an easy decision: rumors of resignation ran until the morning, after lunch at the Colle they awaited a call that did not arrive, in the afternoon first the rumors about the resignation at 6 pm, then in the evening after a Cdm on the Coni. Finally, the decision of the head of the government to resign tomorrow morning.

A decision that in fact opens a crisis in the dark: up to the last Conte has sought a way for a controlled crisis, but it will not be so; the first who built a wall yesterday were the Five Stars, a moment after the agencies have beaten the decision of the premier, who will resign without being sure of having a Count in exchange. Consultations will open, which will be very fast, as Sergio Mattarella intends, then we’ll see. For the Democratic Party as for the Five Stars, there cannot be another premier, with this Parliament, with Giuseppe Conte, as the only possible balance. But the same head of the executive, when he meets Mattarella, will only be able to feed a hope, founded on a group of leaders in the Senate that has not yet appealed.

At the end of the day it was clear to everyone that the current government does not have sufficient votes in the Senate and that the “recruitment” of those responsible did not give the expected results. The majority would have risked ending up “under” already Wednesday on the occasion of the report on justice by the Minister of Justice Bonafede. And Conte thus acknowledged the impossibility of continuing the path. What are the possible outlets now? The M5S, at the end of an assembly of its parliamentarians, clarified that the only way out is the Conte-ter while today the surprise move came from a note by Silvio Berlusconi: “Government of broad agreements or return at the polls.

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