Conte resigns, “Now we will understand if I was the target of the crisis” –

ROME – Resigned to step back, aware that from now on nothing will be taken for granted and that the risk of finding oneself outside Palazzo Chigi has never been higher. Giuseppe Conte will go up to the Quirinale today with his head still full of doubts and his soul swollen with regret, for a crisis that he believes he has unjustly suffered and for the regret of having to stop the government machine on crucial dossiers, from the pandemic to Recovery.

the moment of truth – the Prime Minister noted, according to government sources – Now we will understand if it was questions of merit that triggered the resignation of the ministers of Italia Viva, or if the goal was another. That is to kill him, force him to step back and replace him with another prime minister. The great fear has a name and a surname, Matteo Renzi. But suspicions also touch the Democratic Party and the Movement. Because the Renzians have resumed passing the names of Franceschini and Guerini as eligible successors. And why the painful decision to slip into the narrow alley of resignation with the hope of re-appointment, was also triggered by the M5S. During the last, stormy summits, Bonafede, Di Maio, Crimi and the other big 5 stars would have essentially asked Conte to sacrifice himself to save the head of the delegation and the historical justicialist line, totem of the Movement. It is true that the party that at the time crowned him prime minister by chance is blatantly shielding Conte in words, but the parliamentary reporters did not miss the formula with which the foreign minister stopped the count on the Keeper: One vote on Bonafede on the government.

And now? Now everything changes, Conte admitted his concern, aware of having ventured into unknown territory, full of traps and pitfalls. We enter a new game, the end of which no one can predict. The game widen the majority, build a political team in a cluster of hours that is committed to supporting his third government, with a spirit that comes close to national salvation. Without the sovereign right, but with pieces of the center and perhaps of Forza Italia inside. The numbers are not there at the moment. Conte resigns this morning knowing that he will have to find a majority. A bit like what happened to Pier Luigi Bersani in 2013, when he came down from the Quirinale with an exploratory assignment that was doomed to failure. He obviously hopes to make it and already thinks that the ministers of the crisis, health and economic, will not have to change: Gualtieri, Amendola, Speranza, Boccia …

Gaetano Quagliariello, senator of Cambiamo !, expects a high proposal: Conte’s salvation not only in numbers, but in the quality of the discourse of national unity. Until nightfall Conte filed his pro-European appeal to the sense of responsibility of the whole Parliament and today he will launch it, with a speech in front of the cameras or during a press conference. The call addressed to all the moderate and liberal forces who have the fate of Italy at heart and to whom Conte could offer a final constituent legislature. A reform package also open to the opposition: proportional electoral system, form of government, shared recovery plan. The goal is to raise the majority to 175 senators, thanks to a parliamentary group of about fifteen names under the symbol of Maie, able to counterbalance Italia Viva by making the Renzians no longer decisive. But there is no veto on the senator of Rignano, at least not by Conte.

I have never made personalities, nor have I ever wanted to get rid of Renzi, the premier assured the ambassadors, to whom he confided the question that torments him most: The real bet is whether Renzi will name my name, or will he indicate to the head of state someone else in my place. Understandable anguish, given the resoluteness with which for weeks the Apulian jurist had opposed the Count ter, for whom both Renzi and the Pd were pressing. The premier was convinced that the leader of Italia Viva would veto him at the Quirinale. And certainly the statements of dem executives of the caliber of Orlando and Delrio did not leave him calm.

Problems that have not dissolved, on the contrary. Yet yesterday, in the longest, most tormented and frenetic day, in which he was convinced to give up and resign, the lawyer decided to trust the Nazarene and did not close the door on Renzi. Whatever happens, Conte wants the now formalized crisis to take place in the open, so that the Italians know if the leader of Italia Viva has opened the crisis for the themes and times of the Recovery or to get rid of him: In that case they will have to explain it to the Country.

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