Football and Covid, in 2021 lost two billion in turnover. From Juve to Inter, those who suffer most –

The economic crisis generated by Covid has not spared the football industry due to the lack of stadium revenues and those on TV rights. For the top 20 companies in the world by turnover, there will be two billions of revenues that will go up in smoke by the end of the 20020/2021 season. This is stated by the annual study Deloitte Football Money League, now in its 24th edition and which captures the effects of the pandemic on the financial performance of the largest clubs by turnover in the world.

Lost revenues

The top 20 clubs generated a total of € 8.2 billion in revenues, down 12% compared to the 2018/19 season. The total loss is 1.1 billion due, specifically, to a reduction of 937 million (-23%) in the income of television rights, of the collapse of 257 million (-17%) of stadium revenues, which are only partially offset by a growth in commercial revenues of 105 million euros (+ 3%). The average turnover in 2019/20, of the top 20 clubs amounted to € 409m, a decrease of € 55m compared to 2018/19 (€ 464m per club).

The world ranking

But who tops the Money League world rankings this year? First on the podium the Barcelona with 715.1 million euros, followed by Real Madrid , second with 714.9 million. Already at the top last year, with a gap of only 0.2 million euros, the lowest in the history of the Money League. The third place is for Byesterday Monaco (634.1 million euros) and down we find the Manchester United (580.4), the Liverpool (558,6), Manchester City (549,2 ), Paris Saint Germain (540,6 ), Chelsea (469,7 ), Tottenham Hotspur (445,7) e Juventus (397.9) complete the top ten, which remained unchanged from previous years while 18 out of 20 companies were present in last year’s Money League.

The Italian clubs

And among the Italians? At the top of the ranking is the Juventus which is confirmed first among the Italian teams in tenth place in the standings with 397.9 million revenues (-13% compared to 2019). To weigh is the missed collection of the matchday (-36%), the largest percentage drop among all the clubs in the Money League and the collapse of the revenues of TV rights of 41.8 million euros (-20%). The commercial revenues of the Bianconeri, on the other hand, saw an increase of 3.3 million euros (+ 2%), “a result attributable to the renewal of sponsorship agreements with the Jeep brand (extended until 2023/24) and with Adidas (until 2026/27) »reads a note. In 14th place it is confirmed Inter remains with 291.5 million in revenues, down -20% compared to 364.6 million euros in 2019, largely due to the 37% decrease in commercial revenues caused by the expiry of a series of agreements with important partners for a value of approximately 45 million euros per year. With a turnover of 176.3 million, down by -15% compared to 2019, it conquers 19th place in the Money League, Naples which saw revenues from TV rights (which make up 72% of the club’s total revenue) drop by 12%.
Out of the Top 20 the Milan, in thirtieth place with 148 million in revenues “also due to the ban from UEFA competitions served last year”. Exiting the top 30 is the Roma (had the 16th place in the previous edition), largely due to the failure to qualify for the Champions League.


The pandemic hindered the increase in revenues and the relaunch of the football industry which will depend on the trend of the circulation of the virus and the consequent return of fans in the stadiums. Business and broadcast partners could, according to Deloitte Sports Business Group , «In a state of uncertainty, forcing them to reconsider their investment in the world of sport – reads a note -. At the same time, however, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of sport for communities and society as a whole, key elements in the eyes of broadcasters and sponsors ».

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