No doses (for now) to the eighty-year-olds But the vaccine for the dentists arrives

twelve o’clock, January 26, 2021 – 09:59

20% fewer vials from Pfizer. Councilor Lopalco: Phase 2 is postponed for the elderly. Four thousand injections are on the way for private dentists and practice assistants

of Francesco Strippoli

Slow down the covid vaccination plan due to the decrease in deliveries of Pfizer Biontech vials. However, this week four thousand doses of the other vaccine will arrive, the one produced by the Modern multinational, and with these all private dentists and their “chair assistants” will be vaccinated, excluding the administrators of their studies.

Less vials from Pfizer

It is the synthesis of Monday, lived in the wake of the news bouncing from Rome. The main, and more worrying, concerns the reduction in Pfizer’s deliveries. From now on, the company said, the deliveries of the vials will be reduced by 20%, due to the fact that for each vial you get 6 doses and not the 5 estimated. In this way, according to the multinational, the number of doses delivered should not decrease. The issue is controversial, because doctors and nurses are not always able to extract the sixth dose. Therefore, the risk is to see fewer vaccines.

Deliveries on Monday

While waiting to understand how the interlocutions between the government, the EU commission and Pzifer will evolve, Puglia, together with the other Regions, asked Commissioner Arcuri to reshape the forecasts of the vaccination plan. In short: we ask to know the forecasts of new deliveries in order to plan the second dose, according to the distances provided by the different types of vaccine. On Monday in Puglia the batch of Pzifer scheduled for this week was regularly delivered: 27 thousand doses (reduced by 20% compared to the initial schedule). To be precise, the delivery will be completed today with the “trays” of vials that belong to the province of Taranto (however, they fall within the 27 thousand).

The calls

Vaccinations, of course, continue. “But as it is natural – explains Michele Conversano, head of the regional control room on vaccines – in this phase we aim to favor the boosters to complete the vaccination cycle”. In fact, on Monday 3,598 injections were made: 413 first doses and 3,185 reminders. So far, according to data from the Ministry of Health, 93,325 doses have arrived in Puglia and 76,637 have been injected (about six thousand reminders). The Region’s forecast, if there had been no slowdown in deliveries, was about 90,000 people vaccinated. It meant having completed the first phase – hospital, primary health care and RSA guests – in order to move on to those over eighty in early February. “The program is postponed – declares the commissioner Pier Luigi Lopalco – and will certainly be revised”. It is possible that the start of the second phase vaccination will be postponed to mid-February, starting with the over 80s. There are 286 thousand in Puglia waiting.

The dentists

The only good news of the day concerns the arrival, by the weekend, of four thousand doses of the Moderna vaccine. “We will use it – says Lopalco – to vaccinate private dentists and their practice assistants”. It will take a few days. The director Conversano has instructed the ASL vaccination centers to give injections in the early afternoon (14.30 – 15) in order to allow professionals to more easily leave their offices to give the injection. The four thousand doses will be delivered to a reference center (hub) for each province. The Moderna vaccine requires a 28-day (4-week) booster and is more manageable than Pfizer’s. It can be kept at minus 20 degrees. Once defrosted it can be stored in a normal refrigerator, at 2-4 degrees, for 30 days.

January 26, 2021 | 09:59


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