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C’ a silent and unknown ranking who is never wrong: he does not talk about the losses suffered or the goals scored, but how you distributed them. Count how many times the team goes without scoring. Until about ten years ago, it was possible to have 6-7 games left because about 200 fewer goals were scored per season.

In 2013, i 1,000 goals and ever since we have always been growing. This lowered the average. For 8 years, whoever wins the championship cannot exceed 4 games without a goal. Better to stay at 3, la Juventus average for the last 8 league titles. They are sophisticated attempts to give a little science to football, they are almost never wrong. And the small mistakes concern the placed teams, not who wins. For this ranking there are only 4 teams so far suitable to win: they are Milan and Inter, who have always scored except once; there Juventus, Twice, and, surprise, the Lazio, stops at once like Milan and Inter. Atalanta 3, Roma 4, Napoli 3.

In projection they arrive over 4 times, so they would be out except drastically improving. Why speak today of this almost infallible means of forecasting? Because in the air ofthe new derby there are frightened gusts of wind, as if Inter and Milan lived close to instability and not something solid already recognized. The uncertainties of the people are reflected on the teams, the exhaustion of a path that can be disappointing from corner to corner. Not so.

Milan and Inter are the two main realities of this championship. Milan have only lost many players on the street and others didn’t even have them in the squad. Inter are an invasion army, not a campaign battle. Conte continually says that the last details remain before the exactness, but I think he knows he is lying.

The Inter that we have seen in the 57 games of its management, has always scored the same points and played the same football. imperfect in play, not in men. Not getting better but already powerful. It does not lack imagination, it lacks speed. When Bastoni first throws Barella, the Juve goal comes out.

But a great team. He really missed only one game, with Sampdoria in Genoa. Allegri’s last Juve lost 4 times away from home, that of Sarri 6. There is a draw in Udine. And be careful, because the home factor is back. For the past 2 months the 7 best teams have lost 8 away games. In the first two months there were just 3.

The derby is delicate especially for Milan because it is a test of defeat that would also weigh heavily on their league. Milan have not played with their base team for so long that they have forgotten the mechanisms they carried. the moment young people don’t grow up, they get old. They no longer hear the music because they have changed too many scores. But they are moments, Milan spontaneously play well, the harmony returns. Tell everyone not to take themselves too seriously tonight. The best way to avoid making this derby weigh on the future play it for fun. Conte considers fun a weakness, but at least Pioli knows it. Don’t accept that it becomes a boulder.

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