found in Dubai some sealed safes. The estimated assets are 500 million dollars –

The latest news comes from Dubai with the discovery of two safes with mysterious contents. The chests are still sealed, but in Argentina there are those who speculate there may be objects and relics of value. One thing for sure. Verifying the real assets of Maradona will be a job that will take many months and will require the collaboration of foreign governments.

Maradona and that strange legacy: from the armored car to the Rolls, from the hotel, to the Lady D style ring
Assets for 75 million (or more), 50 contenders

As in recent months they have already made Venezuela and Cuba. Countries in which the former champion of Maradona owned real estate, company shares and investments in entrepreneurial activities. So to date, by a rough estimate, Diego’s assets are expected to amount to approximately $ 500 million.

Already in the safe in Buenos Aires (more easily traceable than the two in Dubai) were kept cash, a precious collection of watches and the $ 300,000 ring that Maradona received as a gift from the owner of the Dinamo brest, club of Belarus, at the time of his appointment as honorary president. Basically, Maradona was a kind of company that employed many people, including specialists, friends and trusted men.

Maradona and 12 children (7 not recognized): by Diego Armando jr. to Eugenia, that’s who I am
Eugenia, the last of 12

Without forgetting the occasional donations and gifts that benefited children, friends and ex-girlfriends. Like the two apartments for Veronica Ojeda and Rocio Oliva, Diego’s last two companions.

Goodbye Diego

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Once the real assets are quantified of the Golden Kid, a bloody battle for inheritance will begin. Among the five children recognized and the other seven who claim to be. Finally, the investigations also raised doubts about some suspicious movements of money from Maradona’s accounts. In the first case, as argued by the Argentine media, by Matias Morla, Diego’s lawyer and partner. In other cases from Rocio Oliva in the days following the death of Maradona for purchases of various kinds. All events on which investigators continue to work.

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