“I vote for Conte but I don’t enter the builders’ group in the Senate” – Corriere.it

Are you not happy with Bruno Tabacci’s party?
“Absolutely not, because it takes on another meaning, it gives the operation a political connotation”.

How do you react at that point?
«I immediately replied:“ Dear friends, if there is a Democratic Center there must also be my party: Noi Campani ”».

And how did your colleagues take it?
“They didn’t involve me from the start, I’ve never been invited to meetings. They should have told me who would be taking part in this project. Does not find? I’m not on this condition ».

Was there anyone who tried to dissuade you?
«I read in the newspapers that they are arguing about who will be the leader. On my story, however, the point is only one: either they remove the Democratic Center, or they add “We from Campania”. I don’t think there are other ways. This is the whole truth. Only the truth. ”

Did you hear Bruno Tabacci, head of the Democratic Center?
“I don’t have to talk to anyone. I’ll tell you more: in my land, Campania, the Democratic Center has half the votes on my list. Do we realize? ».

Eventually it will be called “Europeanists”.
“The question does not change, there is always a Democratic Center”.

Is the one with Tabacci a dispute between old Christian Democrats?
«I repeat, I have nothing against the Democratic Center, but at the same time I want to clarify: I am not from the Democratic Center. They ruined everything. Just leaving the name Maie and it would have been better for everyone. ‘

What will he do now?
“I will stay in the Mixed group and vote for Giuseppe Conte.”

Always if the people’s advocate manages to get a third assignment.
“If I could give Conte and Renzi some advice, I’d tell them both to put aside personalities. At the time of the Christian Democrats the so-called “purebred horses” told each other everything but then sat down at the same table and found the best solution for the country ».

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